Goat Simulator

Did a little hoofwork to give you a taste of life as a goat with user reviews as well as a hooves-on glimpse of the goating you could be enjoying right now. More »

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection

Super sexy space blasting action from creators of Pester! More »


Merry Christmas! Have a terrible game! More »

Tokyo Hosto

Enter the terrifyingly funny world of Host bars and host your way to the top. More »

Uncraft Me

Team Shuriken brings something new to the table in a jet-jumping platformer on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and potentially through the Steam Greenlight program. More »


Does Nintendo hate money or encourage piracy?

Hey guys! Been awhile. Stuff’s been weird and I’d throw out the keystrokes to catch you up, but at the moment use of the site is under some strain and I would

Power Rangers back with a gritty twist?!

Not exactly, see Joseph Kahn decided to make a love letter for Power Rangers and had Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek on hand for assistance. It is easily the mightiest

A New Year

So Wolverine died, Rocket Raccoon made it into theaters, Constantine has a TV show and Everything you touch is being hacked. Been an interesting year. I want to say that I had

Apple and the Shadow of Bendgate

So Bendgate. Oh, also an updated-update to iOS 8.0.1 came out of Apple today that seems to be curing the woes of the apple afflicted without voice or data access. Just make

Apple and the IOS8 Beast

So the iPhone 6 came out. Given my bread and butter is supporting electronics, specifically phones I’ve been hidden away in secret bunkers learning secret things about secret stuff, all of which

Guest Review: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This guest review comes from my sister, this is to be the first of many! Enjoy! — I’ll admit I’ve had an on again off again relationship with this game. I downloaded

FYI: You are too stupid to play with Transformers

So the economy isn’t as stable as you might hope. It’s prompting a lot of desperate moves from pretty much every industry and more than a few of these moves are encapsulated

Transformers 4: Bay works hard to hurt

It sucks. Honestly, I can’t believe I ended up watching it. It’s definitely a sign that I should trust my instincts and easily made me certain that I can totally pass on

Yugioh Abridged: Bonds Beyond Time

So Littlekuriboh’s Yugioh Abridged series is a thing that’s been on the internet for awhile. I won’t pretend that I’ve been very fond of Yugioh or that I’ve really grasped even a

GOG vs. Steam. Fight!

  When it comes to PC gaming, there are two places to go. (Sorry ORIGIN, you  really aren’t a player) Steam or Good Old Games Both run on different ideals, and both