Goat Simulator

Did a little hoofwork to give you a taste of life as a goat with user reviews as well as a hooves-on glimpse of the goating you could be enjoying right now. More »

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection

Super sexy space blasting action from creators of Pester! More »


Merry Christmas! Have a terrible game! More »

Tokyo Hosto

Enter the terrifyingly funny world of Host bars and host your way to the top. More »

Uncraft Me

Team Shuriken brings something new to the table in a jet-jumping platformer on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and potentially through the Steam Greenlight program. More »


Activision: An intriguing analysis of a company digging a dry well

No news here folks, just some more informed speculation based on business practices. A very smart fella named Nicholas Lovell has posted up an analogy comparing Activision and Electronic Arts using oil

XBLA: Sonic CD making its way to Microsoft’s Box

Supposedly, the famed Sega CD juggernaut that is Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live via a list for the PAX convention’s Microsoft featured booths provided by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. No

Transformers: Anniversary Planet-Eater Devours our hearts first

So Amazon has a Transformers toy exclusive! And WHAT an exclusive! This is Unicron, devourer of worlds. Not UniCORN, UniCRON. The only thing that would make it better is if they put

Portal: No Escape

Oh my goodness! A portal movie? And one that’s actually pretty swanky? Yes please! The above film by Dan Trachtenberg is amazing and terrifyingly good for a fan film. I’ll also take

Transformers: Darth Vader is wedged into the dumpster

Oh my stars and garters… This stuff is still going? Quick heads up for y’all uninitiated folk; Hasbro currently has the licenses to two major brands on the toy market: Star Wars

Deus Ex: Making Cybernetics Practical again, for STABINATING

Deus Ex used to be one of those things that PC gamers flung at console folk to seem smug and superior. I know this because one gentleman made the mistake of actually

Kotaku Weirdness

I don’t know if its me or what, but I’m really hating the hell out of Kotaku’s new setup. I love the site, it has some outstanding moments of froth and ire

Ridley Scott announces Blade Runner 2 in production

If there’s been one constant, shining example of science fiction perfected in my life it has been Blade Runner. As a child my parents watched it often and it has been my

Steel Battalion: Kinect Ready and super sexy!

Flashback to the original Xbox: Remember the lauded fantasy controller for a little giant robot game made to romance Capcom into loving their new console? Yes. That one. That was Steel Battalion.

Sony: PS3 Price drop to $250? Others likely to follow?

Finally, a price drop without a requirement to electronic disembowelment. Heads up to those of you still on the fence this late into the console wars: The PS3 is going to get