Goat Simulator

Did a little hoofwork to give you a taste of life as a goat with user reviews as well as a hooves-on glimpse of the goating you could be enjoying right now. More »

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection

Super sexy space blasting action from creators of Pester! More »


Merry Christmas! Have a terrible game! More »

Tokyo Hosto

Enter the terrifyingly funny world of Host bars and host your way to the top. More »

Uncraft Me

Team Shuriken brings something new to the table in a jet-jumping platformer on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and potentially through the Steam Greenlight program. More »


Portal: No Escape

Oh my goodness! A portal movie? And one that’s actually pretty swanky? Yes please! The above film by Dan Trachtenberg is amazing and terrifyingly good for a fan film. I’ll also take

Sgt. Frog – A tale of bungling, amphibious Invaders who looove kids…

(Q:…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? A: The first opening title sequence to Sgt. Frog, it’s nonsense even after it’s tranlated, but it’s fun and slightly “punny” by Japanese standards.) Aliens attack earth

Transformers: Darth Vader is wedged into the dumpster

Oh my stars and garters… This stuff is still going? Quick heads up for y’all uninitiated folk; Hasbro currently has the licenses to two major brands on the toy market: Star Wars

Deus Ex: Making Cybernetics Practical again, for STABINATING

Deus Ex used to be one of those things that PC gamers flung at console folk to seem smug and superior. I know this because one gentleman made the mistake of actually

Kotaku Weirdness

I don’t know if its me or what, but I’m really hating the hell out of Kotaku’s new setup. I love the site, it has some outstanding moments of froth and ire

Ridley Scott announces Blade Runner 2 in production

If there’s been one constant, shining example of science fiction perfected in my life it has been Blade Runner. As a child my parents watched it often and it has been my

Steel Battalion: Kinect Ready and super sexy!

Flashback to the original Xbox: Remember the lauded fantasy controller for a little giant robot game made to romance Capcom into loving their new console? Yes. That one. That was Steel Battalion.

Sony: PS3 Price drop to $250? Others likely to follow?

Finally, a price drop without a requirement to electronic disembowelment. Heads up to those of you still on the fence this late into the console wars: The PS3 is going to get

Sony: PSP is gutted for budget market; so its a European thing… I guess?

Finally, a PSP that does LESS. I’m glad that Europe has embraced the value of obtaining devices that do fewer things than their counterparts. FINALLY. I had missed out on this because

Nintendo: Well, there is ONE good reason for a Cheaper Wii…

(Looks great! Why was the Wii bundled with Wii Sports instead of this?) Deja Vu anyone? Twilight Princess marked the last reputable gasp for Nintendo’s Gamecube as well as being a forced