Goat Simulator

Did a little hoofwork to give you a taste of life as a goat with user reviews as well as a hooves-on glimpse of the goating you could be enjoying right now. More »

Super Killer Hornet Resurrection

Super sexy space blasting action from creators of Pester! More »


Merry Christmas! Have a terrible game! More »

Tokyo Hosto

Enter the terrifyingly funny world of Host bars and host your way to the top. More »

Uncraft Me

Team Shuriken brings something new to the table in a jet-jumping platformer on Xbox Live Indie Marketplace and potentially through the Steam Greenlight program. More »


Penny-Arcade Adventures Part 3 returns!

While I’m sure there’s more important news bleeding out of PAX, it’s worth nothing that Penny Arcade has not given up on their gaming franchise even though Hothead games felt like it

Gamestop: Trying to buy back trust

In a desperate attempt to undo the phenomenally bad press associated with Gamestop’s mandated theft of an item from retail copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PC, Gamestop has announced

FF13-2: New Trailer does little to inspire confidence in an unnecessary sequel

(IGN’s new trailer shows more of the gaudy crime against God and Man that is a sequel to the worst Final Fantasy game ever made.) Really? “One more thing, don’t ever lay

Sonic CD: [Update] It’s for real, yo!

Sonic CD’s release is both official and impending. Sega had jumped in front of the rumor brigade in order to lead the news appropriately to turn a leak into free advertising (alas

Gamestop: [Update] Ruining Deus Ex, one copy at a time

Jumping back to Gamestop’s Deus Ex fuckup, they may have betrayed their intentions for acquiring Spawn Labs, Inc. in that they may intend to produce their on OnLive competitor, which would kind

Apple: Steve Jobs takes a bite out of his workload

Weird! Steve Jobs leaving Apple? WTF?! I don’t know. I’m not as Apple dependent as I used to be now that I can SORT OF put together a computer with someone supervising

Gamestop: Stealing your free stuff as it suits them

Gaming for PC users just gets harder and harder these days… Physical copies of Deus Ex for PC include tokens for free copies of the game on the so-so Cloud-based console OnLive

Activision: An intriguing analysis of a company digging a dry well

No news here folks, just some more informed speculation based on business practices. A very smart fella named Nicholas Lovell has posted up an analogy comparing Activision and Electronic Arts using oil

XBLA: Sonic CD making its way to Microsoft’s Box

Supposedly, the famed Sega CD juggernaut that is Sonic CD is coming to Xbox Live via a list for the PAX convention’s Microsoft featured booths provided by Xbox Live’s Major Nelson. No

Transformers: Anniversary Planet-Eater Devours our hearts first

So Amazon has a Transformers toy exclusive! And WHAT an exclusive! This is Unicron, devourer of worlds. Not UniCORN, UniCRON. The only thing that would make it better is if they put