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Tekyu at an annual terrorist soiree in San Diego

Howdy there!

I’m Tekyu of Tekyu in a Jar, I am a journalist with a background in psychology, law and extreme nerding. I’m also a big fan of caffeine. HUGE fan. So I spout off a lot sharing my opinion with the world on interesting things of nerd-like quality.

My strongest expertise lie with Transformers and anime, but my interests span the globe of nerding and to dilute my maddening blather I have recruited some of the finest nerds I have ever had the privilege of knowing:

Daison – This sexy beast is my Techno-Muse. He fixes the site when I break it and tells me to stop doing stupid things. He also has a startling expertise when it comes to computers, video games (JRPGs especially), sushi, anime and more. He’s quieter than you might expect, but I am phenomenally stupid and he makes me look almost intelligent with all the hard work he does on this site.

Purplemonkeydishwasher – He is Batman, but I shouldn’t tell you that. He is the night, but I ought to keep that to myself. He occasionally goes by vengeance, but he’s trying to set an example for the kids these days. I’m a big comic fan, but PMD (ha! I have the power of acronyms!) is a comic GOD. His trivia skills frighten me, his Simpson knowledge is absolute and he dabbles in all things that are awesome; especially if those things happen to be Zelda-related.

I also have some contributors who speak THROUGH me, but don’t have a direct voice on here:

Deadpool – A comic freak with a raging nerd-on for Transformers. A major gamer with an engineering degree meaning he’s as dangerous as he is crazy and he’s been my contact with the outside world for years.

Jamberlin – A sassy lass with a mind as sharp as her tongue. She’s a hardcore gamer, voracious reader and otherwise essential anchor to reality that keeps us in line. She occasionally drops in to set us straight or direct to a fascinating point of discussion.

Emperor Joker – Less of a “Bat-Fan”, but more of a Joker-obsessed fella. He’s a guy with ACTUAL sniping experience and expertise in artillery fire, but his skills run parallel with his hardcore gaming and dangerous desire to play games that make most of us sob uncontrollably. He’s kind of a masochist that way.

LinkFo – The hardest of hardcore Zelda fans I have ever known with a great appreciation for the games of old. His skills pertain to a disturbing knowledge of special effects magic, horror trivia and a tournament level mastery of fighting games.

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