DC Injustice: Gods Among Us – JLA gets another fighting game

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So Injustice is the next shot at making the DC universe into a serviceable fighter by NetherRealm, AKA some of the dudes who made the original Mortal Kombat and came back to remake Mortal Kombat.

I’m not excited about this. Well, okay, I kind of am. It’s complicated.

See, this appears to be an Elseworld joint wherein the Justice League have become villains because apparently heroism became boring. Or something. It’s not entirely clear, but its a good enough motivation for us to see the Flash turbo-slam Superman’s head into a car. Keeping in mind that this is the same outfit that gave us the DC/MK crossover game which tore the teeth out of everything we genuinely enjoyed about Mortal Kombat and cushioning everything in the game so as not to rock DC’s licensed bullshit boat. It leaves me mildly uneasy; I want to be excited, but I’m not ready for that kind of disappointment right now.

Batman has adopted a new “metal” look to his outfit. Weirdly he looks more relaxed in the game trailers than he normally looks in the comics. I guess turning his wrath on civilians was just the cathartic break he needed.

Their previous entry (DCU vs MK) was a painful disappointment on two levels: It nearly killed interest in Mortal Kombat making it largely responsible for series’ absence until recently and it continued the downward trend for DC games (prior to Batman’s Arkham series).

This is the same thing, minus the Kombat. Just DC characters beating the piss out of eachother in really weird versions of their outfits, except for Harley Quinn who appears to be from the new 52 Universe. I’d study the trailers with extra obsessiveness, but I’m not going to bother until more stuff finally shows.

Flash & Superman fight in the Batcave? That sounds ominous for Bruce’s eccentric collection of weird crime shit. Especially, the giant penny.

But here’s the real rub, Mortal Kombat 9 is amazing. Until I gave it a whirl, I didn’t appreciate the level of genius behind it until it was breaking my bones in slow motion and tearing out my spine. The latest Mortal Kombat is easily on par with the brilliant rebirth of Street Fighter, possibly better because it has the decency to add more gameplay depth, but regardless this comes as a strong point in Injustice’s favor. It could be the one thing to drag DC kicking and screaming into the realm of GOOD games, because God knows they need it.

I’ve got enough licensed stuff to personally angst over, so for the moment I’m going to hold out on really feeling anything on Injustice until there’s something more concrete to have totally irrational emotional reactions over.

If your need some Injustice Trailer loving, I have some posted below the cut:

A trailer that gives us a bunch of unflattering close-ups of the Justice League of America as they throw down with various folks like Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy. And eachother.

A lengthy post-demo chat with folks behind the skull-covered MK Throne about Injustice and some of the details that may or may not stay with the game by its release. If I sound tense, bitter or cynical, that’s just because I’m all of the above.

The first teaser, I believe. Some dude is harping nonsense over a megaphone as we watch a flag flutter in the wind with a brief surprise at the end.

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