Star Cars: Mixing nostalgia and madness for Great Justice!


So toylines over the years may or have involved cars once or twice.

Mayyyybe that dedicated fandom acquired too much money and/or time to replicate their favorite characters in a larger, more automotive form. Sure, you’re probably familiar with stuff like KITT from Knight Rider, but a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PARTY VAN?

That and MORE, after the cut!

Crave Online is cashing in on this lucrative and largely untouched corner of the nerd market with the debut of Star Cars, an uber-nerdy parade of cars and deviant outcasts from society that have poured their hearts, souls and paychecks into restoring and altering perfectly normal vehicles into gigantic toys.

I’m so envious that I’m spitting fire. This episode actually shows a G1 Ratchet, or at least the van Ratchet was based off of decked out as the toy. I’d planned on doing something to that effect with a corvette, but then I decided to hold off. I mean, it’s not like they stopped making the toys or anything, right?

Anyway, keep an eye on this. This could get seriously entertaining given enough time.

Source: Crave Online, Seibertron

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2 Responses to Star Cars: Mixing nostalgia and madness for Great Justice!

  1. Brad Hansen says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome write up. We’ve been shared on a lot of great sites and blogs but I think you’ve nailed what the show and these cars are about better than anyone. Stay tuned for more, and keep up the great work.

    Brad Hansen
    Director/Co-Producer of “Star Cars”

  2. Nick Nugent says:

    If you love Star Cars and Star Car Central – don’t forget to check out the three K.I.T.T. replicas from Knight Rider at this year’s San Diego Comic Con from our group Knights of the West Coast (And friend to Star Cars @ CraveOnline!) that will be around to promote Hot Wheels and Diamond Select Toys as well as a promoting “A fan experience like no other”, Knight Rider Reunion taking place October 5-7,in Universal City CA!

    If you love Knight Rider and you love K.I.T.T., this is your can’t miss 30th anniversary event! I love Knight Rider so much, I even wrote and published a book about it! The Knight Rider Companion!

    Don’t be afraid to spread the word! We sure won’t at Comic Con! See you there fellow Knights!

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