Persona Live

There has been some talk of Persona around these last couple days. This has inspired me to post a youtube video.

Wait, before you click on it… Get some popcorn, get comfortable, you’ll be here awhile.

I present to you something we will never have in the states. A 2 hour live concert performance of Persona music.




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One Response to Persona Live

  1. Tekyu says:

    That’s crap!!!

    Er, I mean, Dammit.

    I took my wife, previous to the whole “marriage” thing, to the Square-Enix Final Fantasy “Dear Friends” concert and that wasn’t remotely as awesome as just the opening bit for this Persona thang. I mean, seeing and hearing Sephiroth’s theme performed live is nothing to sneeze at, but we had weird awkward musicians out behind Comic-Con’s Convention Center overlooking a bay. Ran into the dudes from Penny-Arcade there. It was neat!

    This is amazing. As soon as I heard the Velvet Room theme I squealed like a little monkey! Granted with my fuzzy Japanese, they may as well have been belching their lines, but the fact that they grabbed characters and voice actors to come do a little schtick for the audience is making me geek the hell out. I love it!!

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