Gundam: Japanese Politicians propose ACTUAL Giant Robot Construction (FINALLY!!!)


I can’t even make this shit up! I’m sputtering at the freakin’ gills here!!! Why can’t all politicians say stuff this crazy to earn my vote?!

NOTE: I do not have gills. Just want to be clear. No gills. NONE.

Japanese politicians, when not plotting additional legislation on the sales of used teenage girls underwear, propose crazy stuff. Recently, as Kotaku surmises, Politicians in Japan have been making pretty wacky promises to lure the attention of potential voters in a crap economy by offering their nation access to an industry mostly untouched by the rest of the world.

The Five Gundam Boys’ Gundams from Gundam Wing, could genuine Mecha cosplay happen in our lifetime? “Gundanium Alloy” can’t be that crucial to construction… can it?

They have, no shit, suggested going the Patlabor route and making giant robots to revitalize their economy. The word “Gundam” is thrown around, but like it matters?! If Bandai and Sunrise conspire with the Japanese government to start up an assembly line of giant robots that’s… that’s just… we’re THERE, dude.

Suddenly purpose for nerds everywhere will be lying on the ground for us to scoop up and bathe ourselves in a glorious newfound destiny tied to giant robots. The way it ALWAYS should have been.

America’s not doing so hot either and I mean… Detroit is just SITTING there. You know. Waiting for a new industry to take over. So we can at least hold on to one industry that isn’t tossed over to China. Might as well make some friendly competition for the Japanese, right?

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