New Stuff! No, really! For reals this time!


You may or may not have noticed some recent changes. Daison has some time on his hands and he’s adding some rocket engines and some sort of a “flux capacitor” thing. I dunno.

Point is that things might look a little different over the course of the next few days.

Oh, quit being melodramatic! It’s still the same poison-soaked site as before!

The important thing is not to panic. We’ll all be at our best being super nerdy and ultra embarrassing for the majority of mankind. You have the necessary permission to writhe with pleasure upon hearing this incredibly good news.


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4 Responses to New Stuff! No, really! For reals this time!

  1. Daison says:

    Yaaah, I still need to tweak the rest of the site but I was having fun drawing you as a transformer. SEE HE HAS A BEARD LIKE YOU. Anyway, still want input from you, dawg!

  2. Mineeva says:

    NO! CHANGE IS BAD! BAAAAAAAAAAAD! *cowers in fear of change*

    Seriously, though. Looking forward to what you crazy cats have in store. Yaaaaar!

  3. Tekyu says:

    Thanks ^_^ It’s slow going, but it will be swollen with awesomeness! And… I promise that I’m going to try to describe things less horridly >_<

  4. Tekyu says:

    And let me add that the SLOW is all my fault, Daison works like a sled dog dashing through the snow. I’m still adjusting to life as a tech support vampire. It’s throwing all my crazy plans out of whack, but it’s just a matter of adapting. And drinking lots and lots and lots and lots of coffee!

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