Prometheus: An Aliens Prequel(ish) Film and an ‘effed up FAQ about it all.

A fun voyage in space?! What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

So Prometheus has piqued my interest. Haven’t seen it it yet, but I haven’t been able to stay away from the mountain of spoilers piling up around me. Also, the reactions I’ve heard have been so varied and bizarre that I can’t help but…

Well, let’s outline some basics first. Without saying much, Prometheus SEEMS at this point to be a spinoff franchise that will likely establish a wholly bizarre origin for the franchise, while pursuing increasingly weirder stuff along the way in order to abuse the special effects budget, excuse 3D as a feature and make some messed up stuff happen in space.

Like killer phallus space serpents.

I’m going to remain out on the fringes until we hear of a potential sequel or something, but for those of you who HAVE seen the film or just want to cut into the juicy spoilers and a discussion of the elements that have been gutted from the film creating a very confusing and somewhat pointlessly unanswered element of mystery in the story, venture yonder to Topless Robot’s Prometheus FAQ

I look forward to seeing something more from Aliens. The direction things took after Alien: Resurrection made me a sad panda, especially since there’s been nothing else to date save for the gut-wrenchingly shitty Alien versus Predator films, which one day I hope to discuss on here. Especially the laughter, the first AVP was an embrassing non-stop laugh track over the course of opening night where the audience changed from howling horrified despair at its awfulness to surrendering to the hilarity of mockery at the film’s expense.

It’d be nice to see James Cameron take a break from his Avatar success to lend some muscle to the franchise as well, but there’s no point in praying for a miracle where FOX holds influence. At least there’s that totally sweet looking Gearbox game coming soon based off the Aliens Colonial Marines to look forward to. Guess I’ll have to post something about that…

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