I’m just SAYING, is all…

Race to the finish


I am just going to assume that anyone reading this does not watch NASCAR.

Additionally, I am going to assume that as you are reading this you wear a shirt at least 90% of the day (poolside withstanding), your hair is at business length at both the front and the back, and you have never been sexually attractive to your sister (although this does not apply if your sister happens to be Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. Dude, I get it!).

Regardless, I am going to assume that you know who Dale Earnhardt Jr is. As it turns out, he won his first race in four years this past weekend, the Quicken Loans 500, on 6/17/12. You may ask me why this is important and my answer will be that it is not. Winning a race means next to nothing in the long run of the season, a season filled with the most boring sport ever televised. I’ve seen Rock, Paper, Scissors matches that were more suspenseful.

Why talk about Nascar or any racer in particular? To understand the point of me writing about Earnhardt’s “victory” is to understand that as a key element for NASCAR to function Racers rely heavily on corporate sponsorship, more so than more legitimate sporting competitions. Brands and logos are everywhere and the product placement is more in-your-face than an episode of Fringe.

So I now come to my point; big thanks to anyone who has stuck with me this far! I would have bailed after the first sentence. Earnhardt unveiled his newest sponsor that day and it was the first race that he drove with the new paint job and uniform.

Did it directly lead to him breaking his losing streak? I’ll let you be the judge.




But the answer is yes.


I’m just saying, is all.

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