Mass Effect 3: So… This Ending Extension is set for THIS summer? Right Bioware?

Mass Effect 3 players will enjoy the ability to literally call out to their squad members (like Tali) via the Kinect this Spring.

Hey guys! It’s summer! It’s E3!

Feel that heat! You know what all this warmth reminds me of?

Yes, that’s right. That same thing. AGAIN. The end of Mass Effect 3. The point of smoldering rage that taxes my ability to look at Mass Effect without going on some frothing rampage because I’M the asshole who bothered to have an emotional attachment to a stupid videogame.

After the cut, I point out the obvious that Bioware and other folks shrug off; IE: That they gave us the SAME ending regardless of actions or even the final choice.

Let me refresh your minds as to why the thousands of hours that I cannot get back now mean absolutely nothing thanks to the smart folks at Bioware:

(The endings of Mass Effect 3 in all their assorted and identical infamy.)

Yeah. Thousands of choices. Multiple different characters doing different things. So many potential permutations… except… no. Not different results, just different colors for each conclusion. It’s the same goddamn ending. Sure there’s minute changes here and there, but where’s the point in even playing through the previous game when there’s literally NO effect on the ending? Anyone who’s gone through ME3 on its own will have the same ultimate result as someone who’s invested more time in both previous games and that’s… that’s bullshit.

Folks called them on it and Bioware announced that making endings that don’t suck isn’t their thing, but that they’d be happy to bleed it out with an extension they would have ready by summer. They hoped that their bastardizing “extension” of a terrible ending being only a SEASON away would make gamers soured by the awful ending get a grip on their contempt giving them time to work feverishly. In the meantime, two “packs” have released for multiplayer and there’s nothing else on the horizon for ME3 except the pain eating at us like scurvy for ever having trusted Bioware not to just phone things in at the last minute.

OH!!!!! Wait! There IS something on the horizon! Mass Effect 3 will be available for the Wii U when it launches whenever. Wait… so they haven’t fixed this gaping wound that already existing customers are still voicing their disappointment about and now there’s a console getting the last game in a trilogy with no hope for access to the first game (as Microsoft still retains publishing rights) and late, if any, access to the second? Is this pushing back the promised extension that we were supposed to be keeping our saved games ready for?

I want to sit back calmly and just give them the benefit of the doubt, but that gets harder each day I get to mull over the end of the game. It eats at me because I love the series that much. What seemed like a neat game became a full time obsession and that transition wasn’t a difficult one as fans can attest. I’d happily replay Mass Effect until the day I died, except the abrupt ending kind of snuffs out all the varied works leading up to the finale. Watching everything I had worked so hard to achieve burst into different colored flames before my eyes I still find it hard to believe that they would willingly suffocate their own project this way given all the effort to explore consequences to player choices over the games thus far.

Sigh. Well, I’ll stop there. Just want to vent that a bit. Still hurting, still pissed and still too sickened by my Mass Effect games to even look at them for fear I’ll play ME1 or ME2 and briefly forget the horrors that await. Bioware needs to get its shit together and do this thing if they’re really going to do it or at least establish a better timeline so we can stop expecting things from them since this’ll probably get put on the back burner anyway while the development team is instead whipped like sled dogs by Electronic Arts to produce a Wii-U compatible version of the title. Just another day working for THE MOST EVIL COMPANY IN AMERICA, I suppose.

Just sayin’, the sooner they can ruin my favorite franchise ever for the last time so I can film myself burning my copies of the games, the better. I just want to be done with this.

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2 Responses to Mass Effect 3: So… This Ending Extension is set for THIS summer? Right Bioware?

  1. I never made it to Mass Effect 3. The giant difference between the open-ended Mass Effect and the drag-me-around-by-the-nose linearity of Mass Effect 2 killed the franchise for me. I finished the sequel because I really like most of the characters, but not enough to continue on to a third.

    I can see why you would be upset by the endings in Mass Effect 3 though. Have you seen the video by Acayvos that explains what may have happened? I think that the upcoming DLC will explain this in greater detail, along with letting Shepard live if he took a certain path.

  2. Tekyu says:

    It would be outstanding if that were true, but Bioware has gone on record dismissing the Indoctrination Theory entirely. I mean, they could be lying and I can’t deny that I desperately hope and pray that they’re lying because it’s too cool of an idea to blow off. Although, Bioware was all too happy to sit back watching fans frenzy before they said anything and everything they said since they started talking made things worse.

    Ultimately, I just want closure; closure with the game as well as with Bioware. So I can be surprised by my own satisfaction at Bioware’s efforts to make things right or write off something I loved dearly, severe any bond of trust I used to have with one of my favorite developers and just move on being jaded and distrustful of the game industry for the rest of my life.

    Why we can’t have even one good ending in a series all about different endings sound suspiciously like a shoehorned DLC scam, but I dunno… I guess we’ll just have to find out. Again, if they can find the time while they’re prepping the title for play on the Wii-U.

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