Transformers: FoC Metroplex shows the Decepticons whose is REALLY bigger!

Fall of Cybertron will have Metroxplex. He has a ridiculously stupid pinhead, but when you’re that big no one is going to say that to your face, so I guess it’s not often a problem for him.

I’ve seen artwork that had me making faces, but this trailer shows Megatron kicking ass, Bruticus in action, Dinobots hitting the battlefield and Metroplex transforming suddenly to change the tide of battle… and then I came. With the force of a thousand suns.

I had a ton of fun with War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron has freakin’ Dinobots, Metroplex, Insecticons, Combaticons and a partridge in a pear tree. I cannot wait. I am losing it as I speak. Er, type. I’ve been too tired to follow up with my friends on Transformers stuff to date and my backlog is still looking at me… I couldn’t wait for this one. As I hop back into my coffin, I’m going to hum this snazzy little tune until I pass out.

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2 Responses to Transformers: FoC Metroplex shows the Decepticons whose is REALLY bigger!

  1. I didn’t start getting excited about Fall of Cybertron until they announced that a PC version would be released as well. I was perfectly happy to ignore any news about this game. To be honest, War for Cybertron was a crappy console port, but it was also one of the best Transformers video games ever released (although arguably not as good as the Armada game for Playstation 2). But I’d rather have a crappy console port than no game at all!


  2. Tekyu says:

    The Armada game was inspired, but we’re unlikely to see such a masterful use of the license anytime soon. I had tons of fun with War for Cybertron. The multiplayer alone was hugely rewarding if only for the fact that it didn’t make the whole transforming thing a tacked on idea like the Movie games did. The campaign was pretty hot stuff too.

    I almost wish that I had waited for the PC version, if only so I could have gotten it cheaper. However, impulse and a twisted desire for additional Xbox Live achievement spurns me forward. FoC won’t be any different.

    As for FoC, I’m not sure which part I’m more freaked out about, getting toys from the game like Shockwave, Kickback, Jazz, Starscream and potentially Grimlock, or the game in its entirety. Playing as Dinobots nearly made my brain explode and since then the hits just keep on coming.

    I cannot freaking wait.

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