Batman: Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC lands… questionably?



Serious business!!!

Hey Batphiles! Time to warm up those copies of Arkham City because to the totally unnecessary, tacked on DLC you weren’t entirely aware you required has arrived!

Harley’s Revenge takes place AFTER the jaw-dropping spectacle that is the end of Arkham City, as you might have guessed, but more Batman can’t be a bad thing? Right?

Kotaku is crying FOUL, which is kind of a bummer since I literally just bought mine. Their case against this 2-hour extension to one of the finest games ever made is to be found HERE, but I’ll muddle through and report back if it causes me pain.

I can scarcely imagine how an Emo-Harley and MORE time playing Batman would make me like it less, but we’ll see about this DLC fearmongering… Then again… uh… Well, I’ll be back.

Also, it’s only mildly related, but apparently Mass Effect 3’s Bioware has Derped in their effort to promote the ME3: Rebellion add-on via Xbox live. Not really interested in the multiplayer stuff, but it “totally” reassuring to see that they’re being this doofy from the outset with DLC. It’ll probably be fixed by the end of the day, but it makes me recall all the Bioware DLC I stayed up all night to download and then watching how that got bungled and pushed back for hours until I eventually got to try it later that evening. Sigh.

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