Avengers VS JLA: First Blood, Part IV, Section 9.5 – The Revenge!


Fuck, I’m tired.

No, seriously. I’m tired.

Getting my ass spanked by a guy in a Batman outfit isn’t making this any less tiring. And I didn’t even PAY him for the spankings this time!

No, seriously.

I unwittingly rattled a bat-hornet’s nest in inviting the wrath of PurpleMonkeyDishwasher by tongue-lashing DC comics. Part of me still feels that I was right, but the other part of me is wondering how I’m keeping my english wording things together so far. When I can fully fathom my own response, much less Purplemonkeydishwasher’s, I’ll put up something to salvage some dignity. Well, if I can find some. I may have to borrow some dignity from someone else. I’ll get back to you.

But seriously, if you HAVE some dignity and you’re not using it, can you leave it in a bag by the door? I would really appreciate some of that. In the meantime, I’ve got some things to address in the backlog while I lick my wounds.

I hope y’all had a phenomenal Memorial Day and spent at least PART of that extra day off (for you damn carnie folk anyway) thinking about the folks whose sacrificed made this possible. Er, not the holiday or BBQ, but the whole not tasting foreign leather part as a boot stomps your face. We had a Comic-con recently that I was ill-prepared to conquer, but I’m already making sure that doesn’t happen again NEXT year. We’ll be present at other cons this year, but we’ll be back with a vengeance next year.

Anyway, I have sleep to find and wounds to lick…

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4 Responses to Avengers VS JLA: First Blood, Part IV, Section 9.5 – The Revenge!

  1. deadpool96 says:

    because part 3 is unnecessary?

  2. deadpool96 says:

    I read purplemonkey slingers rant and the problem with that idea is, Warner Brothers i.e. DC comics DO NOT FUCKINg CARE ABOUT THEIR IP THEY WILL RAPE ANY ALL AND EVERY SEMBLANCE OF HISTORY AND DIGNITY AND LIFE OUT OF THEM TO MAKE A BUCK!

    New 52
    Watchman Prequal
    GL is Ryan fucking Reynolds?
    The entire GL movie
    Superman Returns
    Joel Shoemaker Batman films

    The fact they let Nolan do something good and right is a statistical outlier and until something other than the 90 minute animated movies can be consistently good this is just what it is. In the last decade the only things they have done right is Nolan’s Batman and most of the animated movies… thats it. Sure they told some good stories along the way, but all that good ended up being this build up for something terrible and bad and lame. (New 52) which will eventually become their ultimate universe seeing was how the whole thing reeks of “Ultimatey type EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” heros.

    Dan Dido and Geoff Jones hate fans, fan input, and lack the ability to tell new stories so they killed decades of continuity simply to go back and retell the same stories over again. Don’t fool yourself that is what will eventually happen, they just needed to take creative license… by force if necessary.

  3. Tekyu says:

    Just to reiterate, the point is DC needing to get off their asses and make something of their own universe. Not whether or not they bend over and destroy their creations. The Watchman prequel and Alan Moore’s howls of agony in the distance are pretty clear evidence of that.

    The Watchmen film was FUCKING INCREDIBLE and the closest they’ve gotten thus far to a Justice League film. The problem is that they can’t be “close” to making JLA: The Movie anymore with Avengers in the soup with individual character films peppered all around it, they need to sow up the gap and abuse the advantage of DC’s ties to a studio. Just make some shit happen. As a company they don’t really give a shit and it’s clear that they’re willing to throw down fuck-tons of money just to screw with Marvel, but they always stumble when doing right by their own stuff; see their last ten years of films tied to comics.

    Marvel’s Jeph Loeb isn’t exactly on my list of favorite people these days, but I recall the conversations where you painted Dido as a serial comic rapist and Jones as some guy in a van snatching unsuspecting titles and characters off the streets for violent and scarring acts of a perverse nature. By comparison, I guess Loeb isn’t all that bad. I guess. For now.

    At least Marvel is whoring their shit out more successfully. And before anyone gets the strange idea that I’m saying this out of Bias, that’s not the household I was raised in. I want both of these companies to compete and succeed at getting my money because I want to be fucking entertained by stuff I already love and enjoy.

    The Schumacher stuff is taking things pretty far back though, I mean, at least DC /had/ movies coming out back then when Marvel was busy going through their own “EXREEEEEEEEME 90’s thing” at the time.

    It’s hard to disagree about DC’s general comic rape though. They really put it hard to their own hinder when they rebooted the universe and made everything generally kind of shitty. I’m still hearing girls get pissed off about Starfire which tells me the scars run deep. I can’t be bothered to register too much past that because my own brain screams every time I look at the new 52. So of the stuff worked out, but I can’t be bothered to look at it because the whole thing feels like some sticky elseworld thing meant to attract chronic masturbators.

    No offense to chronic masturbators. I’m just sayin, there’s enough penis per cover incidents to prompt concern when the phallic decorum competes with oversexualized ladies. And keep in mind this is COMIC books I’m criticizing for oversexualizing! Closing Power Girls “boob window” on her outfit isn’t going to heal the scars of their idiocy to date.

    What the hell were we talking about?

    Oh. Right.

    So I took my mom to see Avengers, which was awesome by the way, and she ended up schooling my in Spider-Man’s sequence of events up the the time I was born and after. Seriously. I started explaining stuff, made the mistake of trying to correct her and she shut me up and read me the riot act. What hurts most is that she was right and backed up everything she said.

    Moral of the story is that Avengers is awesome and I can’t wait to see more movies like it. I guess Joss Whedon’s asking price for directing gigs just went up a bit. Neat.

  4. Bruce Timm is awesome, but Warner Brothers should have been turning his direct-to-video comic origin cartoons into live-action movies. They’re all intertwined already. Justice League Movie problem solved.

    Case in point: the Green Lantern animated feature First Flight went pretty close to the live action movie until Hal Jordan got the ring. Then it went all badass. It had a cantina! And Sinestro was all “bad cop”. Awesome. Also, the Wonder Woman animated feature would have easily translated into live action, but it would have cost a billion dollars to CGI into existence.

    Would these have made a ton of money at the box office? Maybe not, but they would have created the background stories for a team picture to build from.

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