Avengers vs Justice League: Part 2

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It would be stupid and naive to think that DC/WB are not seeing those ticket sales from The Avengers and trying to come up with a plan to launch the Justice League. I have no doubt the executives have seen The Avengers multiple times by now taking notes, driving home in a new Audi while wearing a Captain American t-shirt, drinking a Dr. Pepper with Nick Fury on the can, and listing to Nickleback (not because they’re on The Avengers soundtrack, but because they’re just douchebags). When they announce Justice League or tease its possibility in a movie, it won’t really be a surprise the way The Avengers were. We won’t be shocked so much as yelling “ABOUT TIME!!”

The Dark Knight Trilogy is ending this summer. I can assure you that if WB had their way they would continue these movies past the point of making sense. But no, they are actually letting this thing have a proper conclusion and they are pretty much letting Christopher Nolan run with this without interfering. I believe that half of the reason is that his last two movies where critical and financial smash hits. The other half is that they know that this version of Batman cannot exist in a world with the other DC Heroes. (Though there is always the possibility of expanding the universe via a digital comic like DC is currently doing with Batman: Arkham Unhinged and Smallville: Season 11. I’M CALLING IT HERE FIRST!).

Man of Steel is still over a year away. And to be fair, it’s really the first theatrical reboot for the franchise. The last movie was a sequel to Superman II and didn’t do anything really new with the characters or universe it created, except of course the stalker and dead-beat dad stuff. It could be the new jumping off point that they are looking for. Their first attempt at launching the Justice League with the Green Lantern movie was a bust. They only have so many chances to start it and DC/WD cannot take their time here. They will not have the luxury of four years of set up that Marvel did as everyone will soon be jumping on the super team bandwagon. But there is the argument that I would rather have then take their time and do it right than rush out a subpar movie. It’s an issue that I am torn with because I want my Justice League movie.

Here is one way they can do it. Man of Steel reintroduces Superman as well as sets up the universe that the Justice League will be inhabiting. Then you release three films, each one is a team up movie. They all share the same title such as Justice League Origin or Justice League Saga:

World’s Finest – Superman and Batman team to stop some bad guys from something.

The Brave and the Bold – Green Lantern and Flash team up to stop different bad guys from something

Showcase(?) – Wonder Woman and the Amazons are fighting off an invasion from Aquaman and the Altantians.

Now you might be saying that this could never work but that’s what people said about The Avengers before. Each movie would be separate but has small connections to the others just to show they are all apart of the same world. Justice League can be the one to introduce the Martin Manhunter and also show that the Injuctice League or Secret Society or The Legion (of Doom) or something were behind all the happens of the last three movies. This plan lessens the amount of sequels needed and gets to the final movie faster and there will be plenty of characters to make into action figures and other merchandise like toasters.


WB has a history of dragging great potential franchises into the ground. Look at Superman in the ’80s, Batman in the 90’s, and The Matrix in the ’00s. The only reason they were able to do so well with the Harry Potter series is they had specific stories they HAD to tell but was still able to squeeze one extra movie out of it, though to be fair it was worth it (unlike Twilight). As much as I move my Batman movies and as much as I am looking forwards to a new Superman movie, they need to do something with the virtually unlimited characters that have in stock. Stop dipping your toes in the water to see how it feels. Stop only messing with your Vertigo titles and characters. It is insane that there is a possibility of an Ant-Man movie but we are still nowhere close to a Flash movie. Do something with Zatanna or Adam Strange. Hell, beat Marvel to the punch and do an Atom movie. My point is unless you hate money get off your asses and gives us what we want.

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