The Dark Knight Rises Viral: Harvey Dent Day

I apologies for the lateness of the article. I was on vacation on got behind on a bunch of stuff.

On 4/30/12, the movie’s official website displayed files from the Gotham City PD that pertain to the arrest of the vigilante Batman. Whether he’s been active or not within the past eight years, they are still hunting for Batman. There is a wanted poster that claims he is responsible for six deaths, including Harvey Dent’s, as well kidnapping and endangering Commissioner Gordon’s family. I liked how they called his costume a “tactical uniform.” Nice touch.

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Also there is a Warrant to Arrest. The case number is TDKR07202012, which if you didn’t figure it out stands for The Dark Knight Rises 07/20/2012, the movie release date. There are also eight charges being brought against him, seven felonies and one misdemeanor. Oh, and no bond is set (dicks).

Next there is a memo from the Commissioner’s office from the Deputy Commissioner. It talked about how the police department will redouble their effects to capture Batman due to the upcoming Harvey Dent Day. So now there is a Day to celebrate Gotham’s White Knight. I can only assume that they had a closed casket funeral. I mean I know that a bunch of cops saw him scarred and he was in a hospital and everything but I would just assume that they would want to cover as much up of what really happened to keep Dent’s rep as the White Knight or else what the hell is the point of Batman’s sacrifice at the end of the last movie.

So the memo calls for photographic evidence of graffiti that shows support for the Batman’s return at various locations. That is where we, the fans, come into play. The next several pages are address of where these graffiti tags are to be found around the world, and I mean around the world. America, London, Hong Kong, Brazil, India…just lists and lists of address. The player is to go to any one of these locations and take a picture of the graffiti, which is supposed to look something like this:

The picture is then to be sent to either #tdkr07202012 or Easy peasy. It’s important to note that the photos need to have a Geo-tag on them so the “GCPD” know where it was taken (technology, everyone). Doing so will unlock a single frame from the third and final trailer for the film. The site collects all the unlocked frames in what looks like a film reel. Each frame also gives the info of where it was unlocked and by who if the info is available. Once enough frames are unlocked or enough time has passed (I’m really not sure which…it could go either way) the full trailer is released.


I wasn’t able to partake in the viral from the start due to other responsibilities. However once those were over I started on, what I was sure was, a late start. Looking at the list I noticed that there were three locations on my way home. The first one was a HTC Piercing. Looking around the building there was no graffiti. I also talked to the employee inside and she mentioned how someone was supposed to show up to tag them and never did. The next stop was a Church’s Chicken. Again there was so sigh of a tag and there was no point in asking an employee about it as, well, it’s a Church’s Chicken. My last stop was at a Mexican restaurant and bar. I looked around outside and was coming up short. I got back in my car and as I was driving away, I noticed this on the corner of the building.


Was it part of the game? Did someone just draw this for the hell of it? Did someone already beat me to this one and sent it to the “GCPD”? The answers I do not know as I was just happy to be playing the game. I clicked and emailed.

The trailer was magnificent and had way more Batman than the previous two. It set the tone perfectly for what we are to expect in this film In fact the next morning I texted Tekyu and informed him that it made me cry…through my penis. Here is what stood out for me.

- I can understand Bane much better

- Joker threatened it…but Bane ACTTUALLY blows up bridges

- Catwoman fights

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

- Batwing flying above buildings trying to dodge missiles

- “You’ve given them everything” “Not everything…not yet.”

July 20 for me will be bittersweet. Though I am excited for this film I am sad to see this version of Batman end. But I know that this is a good thing. I would much rather have a reboot than see WB run this into the ground. There is a good chance that this will be the last viral as well since they don’t seem to be as into it as the last movie. If I am able to write my thoughts on it the following week after its release I will but don’t expect too much from me. I may be severely dehydrated due to all the penis crying.

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