Prototype 2: Fuck-Aroundy-Makey-Super-Murder!

(Zero Punctuation reviews Prototype 2)

Let’s slather on some fun sauce by throwing in an outside review of Prototype 2 and it’s zany fun times.

I’ve been pretty critical of ZP’s Yahtzee. I think I’ve been entitled to that since he’s kind of a fucking asshole and tries to remind us of that constantly by puffing himself into a bigger asshole and picking fights via his editorial blatherings to just to demonstrate that he’s not afraid of looking like a overly packed sack of shit. He became the most monstrous of trolls for awhile and his ZP work suffered greatly. His stuff seemed hurried, each episode ended rather abruptly and it just wasn’t fun for quite a awhile.

Something has changed.

I’m not saying he’s become any less of a douche, but he’s FUNNY again. His reviews are FUN. He seems more fun by association. Throwing up his Prototype 2 review is a good indicator of him clambering back to his strengths rather than his pretentious clamoring for attention. I got kind of fed up with him after awhile, and strayed away from ZP for a bit. Then I came across his reactions to the whole Mass Effect thing and prepared to write him the fuck off after being a semi-slavish devotee for years. YEARS!

Then I was nudged to see how ZP reacted to Prototype’s sticky sequel because my raving approval of the overzealous wanton murder simulator seemed roughly on par with Yahtzee’s implied approval.

He’s getting back on the horse pretty well. Last couple of eps are pretty good. Don’t know if I’m willing to make him a regular internet visit again, but as long as he can keep himself focused on being a smart, funny guy who spitefully reviews videogames then I think we’ll all be okay.

For now…

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