DC Comics Films in a Post-Avengers world?

Just assume that Superman II is the only Superman film worth seeing and it'll all be much easier to accept.

WOW. Just WOW. The Avengers was amazing and pulled off precisely what this comic-to-film transition need, some damn fine continuity with the intelligent awareness that the film itself was meant to encapsulate something bigger while being its own unique story at the same time.

It’s probably the finest comic film ever made, hands down. Sorry Purplemonkeydishwasher, it’s just a fact. They took some damn good Marvel flicks released them with a plan for something bigger and it worked. Meanwhile at DC, Superman is getting another reboot… because no one this goddamn country knows who Superman is? I mean, I know the third Batman film in the Nolan opus of Batsexiness is hitting this summer, but what next?

DC isn’t equipped to compete with this. They need the Justice League out in force. NOW. Not dithering about maybe doing a Martian Manhunter movie or finding another way to lure Ryan Reynolds away from being Deadpool for another shitty Green Lantern film, but to just jump in with both feet making AT LEAST Superman and Batman hang out for some reason and then crowbar Wonder Woman in the mix.

The JLA can start small… as long as they start something.

Part of me wishes they’d still write off the upcoming disappointment that is the new Man of Steel film, reintroducing Superman to a world still trying to get over the nausea that his “return” gave us so they don’t have to keep hurting Supes with shit movies. Avengers proves that audiences can stay interested in movies that behave like comics, if for no other reason, because the comics aren’t afraid to put the heroes to the test with new and interesting stuff like enemies who actually are a threat to them!

Why not have Superman face Darkseid? Or maybe a character that matters ASIDE from Lex Luthor? Kevin Spacey was an amazing choice for Lex Luthor and the moment where he STABS Superman with kryptonite and hisses “fly” into his ear as he pushes Superman off a cliff still makes me tingle to this day, but it’s probably the ONLY decent thing that crawled onto the fucking screen since Superman II. That’s it. That single moment personifies their fucked up hero/villain relationship and that the only hint of that that ever really made it onscreen.

I’m hoping this will rattle DC to override their fucking Warner Brothers masters to the point that they can push them to take bigger risks to ensure a stronger brand across media platforms like films. Why not make a Dr. Fate movie? Chimp Detective? The Outsiders? The Huntress? Captain Marv-Oh yeah, they sort of lost that… Uh, “Shazam”?

DC can’t afford NOT to take the chances that Marvel has and when they do, I think we’ll all be richer for it. It should terrify DC knowing that since the Avengers went down separate paths at the end that it’s not unreasonable to expect that during their highly probably separate films they may even pull together splinter groups like The Defenders, West Coast Avengers, God Squad or even the Redeemers, making each respective character, and the Marvel Movie Universe at large, bigger by comparison.

DC shouldn’t let another Catwoman happen. EVER. Batman can’t be the only good product that isn’t crap in the magnificent idea factory that houses the Lantern War, Identity Crisis and a multiverse of brilliance be hampered by coke-snorting movie studio scumbags who can’t appreciate the stuff they’re sitting on.

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4 Responses to DC Comics Films in a Post-Avengers world?

  1. purplemonkeydishwasher says:

    You son of a bitch

  2. Tekyu says:

    S-sorry! I’m sorry!


    I EVEN LEFT THE RECIPE FOR SEX OUT FOR DC/TIME WARNER TO EXPLOIT! Batman can’t be the only window to DC greatness we can enjoy, although he’s the only competent tool they’ve ever utilized with some minor exceptions including the Paul Dini Superman series, Justice League, Teen Titans, Young Justice and a few other noteworthy gems. The Brave & the Bold only cemented Batman’s weight as the primary anchor keeping the DC universe from drifting off into obscurity.

    They can’t lean on the bat forever! There’s tons more to exploit… and arguably more opportunities for Batman to cameo.

    Though I’m still wary of this “Beware the Batman” thing. I still can’t believe that they’re putting Professor Pyg in a cartoon… Are dollotrons going to be a thing in this show because that’s just… ugh…

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