UNICO’S BACK!!!! Look busy.

Don't think that he'll hesitate to stab the shit out of you with that horn. Seriously. Watch yourself.

Many of you might be wondering why some burly, manly specimen like myself would be so ecstatic at the return of a pair of children’s films. You may proceed straight to hell. I think you know the way.

ANYWAY! Unico is one of many brainchildren of Osamu Tezuka and was pretty awesome back in the day, his two films making their way onto the Disney Channel, which used to be a big deal. I was too young to really tell you any more than that since my mom taped both movies for me off of the Disney Channel and they remained in my pile of totally awesome kids shows trapped in VHS form.

How excited am I that Discotek brought the baby Unicorn back tot he fold? VERY excited.

In DVD, Unico comes in two Flavors: Unico & the Island of Magic and The Fantastic Adventures of Unico

If you know children, buy them. If you have children buy them NOW. If you might encounter children, buy them. Er, not if you’re the guy with the white van full of duct tape that reads “FREE PUPPIES AND CANDY!” on the side. Just sayin’. There’s a brand image to uphold.

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4 Responses to UNICO’S BACK!!!! Look busy.

  1. Daison says:

    Is it wrong in some way that the very VERY first thing that came to my mind was

    “Rule 34’d.”

  2. Mineeva says:

    What if you’re a 31-year-old girl-child who lets out girly squees at the sight of cuteness?


  3. Tekyu says:

    Then it’s ESSENTIAL. It’s enough to confess that I’ve ordered my own pair of DVDs and I plan to SQUEE as much as I can SQUEE once they get here. The news already had me singing the doofy cat’s song about being a cat…

    SUCH GLEE!!!!!!!

  4. Tekyu says:

    Right horn, wrong use. Or the other way around. I’m not certain. I am certainly terrified that Unico would prompt such a response from you however, however.

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