Sony: The PS3 steps up the video streaming war!


So… This is old news, but it’s news worth repeating and further discussing because of what it represents for the future. Mostly consider it late breaking update. Or something.

Awhile back, Amazon successfully put its fancy streaming stuff on Sony’s console to a shockingly excitable reception. I watched my Twitter feeds go ablaze with people happily dropping Netflix out of their lives entirely; their jubilation mixed thoroughly with poisonous spite after enduring Netflix’s consistent bungles, hiccups and… “Qwikster”.

Having given it a spin, I can say that the HD stuff appear to be better represented, but the interface could really use some work. The purchase by the episode gimmick isn’t anything you won’t find anywhere else (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, PlayStation Network, etc.), but the real prize is that Amazon Prime users have unlimited streaming with select movies and TV shows set apart by the prime logo and some limited search parameters.

What this does is provide you a taste of what Netflix does for the annual price of Amazon Prime, saving you about $16 (give or take) and limiting your unlimited viewing potential rather dramatically. Before you trash your Netflix account, keep in mind that it’s a bumpy road right now since most of the “free” viewing items pale in comparison to Netflix’s massive library of titles on Instant Watch or otherwise brandish titles also easily found on Netflix already.

The prices are pretty standard, the sales are excellent and for all its clunky interface issues and stunted browsing, the streaming program seems vastly better put together than Netflix’s. Which is quite a feat.

The best part? Amazon does free trials. Netflix does too, but you can’t sign up for super sexy free shipping for things like, well, almost ANYTHING you can buy on Amazon. The biggest draw is going to be the exclusive content since Networks and Studios still can’t grasp how the process benefits them on any platform. Netflix has made the first significant blow with their Lilyhammer series, but until something more desirable hits the streaming it could really go either way.

In the meantime, I suspect Amazon’s gonna see a LOT more new Prime members in the coming years.

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2 Responses to Sony: The PS3 steps up the video streaming war!

  1. deadpool96 says:

    Amazon Prime Instant Videos has a lot of stuff netflix doesnt though. Lots of fox stuff like all the buffy and angel series, xfiles, and also all of Lost! Netflix doesn’t quite have fox and ABC on their side.

  2. Tekyu says:

    All of that stuff was on Neftlix since I last checked. Even if it isn’t currently, I know for a fact that they’ve been on Netflix already FOR YEARS. Netflix is losing friends FAST and between price hikes, shitty business decisions and a generally iffy library of stuff that always seems to get smaller, there’s nothing all that enticing about it.

    Probably the best feature of buying through Amazon on PS3 is being able to just bypass Sony’s AWFUL store interface to stream AND buy videos, and knowing this Amazon this will likely lean toward some new and totally amazing daily widget like their free app of the day thingy.

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