Transformers: Prime First Edition to see promised re-release domestically? Don’t hold your breath.

Hasbro still doesn't care for your desire for things.

It’s a really fucking stupid name for the line because it seems to imply that we’ll see more when it’s hard enough to see the first line AT ALL. Also, why a retail toyline needed a preview, FOR A RETAIL TOYLINE, I still don’t understand. I’d expected Hasbro to phone the first wave in entirely with cheap plastic, lousy molds and then repackage them into something else. Sadly, Hasbro followed that dickhead logic to the letter… just in the opposite direction.

WHOOPS! So... you created a demand that you INTENTIONALLY ignored? You even cut off people who were already PAYING for the product?

In one of the most boneheaded decisions the company could have made, they sprayed First Edition toys in a lot of places. Those places mostly being Canada & Asia. Just not the place where their headquarters gets mail. As in the USA, where the primary English speaking Transformers folks are located.

Let’s talk about a recent rumbling that could make things right, the unfortunate likelihood of said rumbling and clarify why I’m still ranting on this same topic. Again. Warning, I’m bursting with tangential energies!

Barely comprehensible ranting follows the cut…

US Fans weren’t aware of this little tidbit of course, because like a big pile of fucking imbeciles Hasbro let a shitload slip into Toys R Us “by accident”, but when online stores had amassed preorders Hasbro came out to kick them in the dick by just cutting them off without providing an explanation until much later.

To reiterate, people had paid up front for these fucking toys and Hasbro simply cut off customers from getting figures that they were already willing to pay both premium prices for. They stepped in to STOP CUSTOMERS FROM GIVING THEM MONEY FOR SHIT THEY HAD ALREADY PRODUCED. I can’t even imagine what business meetings about distribution must be like in there.

It really stings because the toys are freaking awesome. It'd be easier to ignore if they were the RID figures...

For Americans, Transformers: Prime didn’t have retail presence until very recently and yet the show has been on for more than a year. Most importantly, the toys that made it to market (the TFP “Robots in Disguise” subline) are by comparison pretty shitty next to the ornate, fancy packed toys originally meant to drum up interest in the show in the first place.

Fans in the USA were naturally a little pissed to get the knock-off like toys compared to the hot-shit collector’s figures that put everything released since to shame.

Hasbro’s reasoning?

Hasbro explained that for figures to be available in the United States, the figures would require a higher order to be profitable. Other markets, such as Canada and Asia, require less orders.

Per Tformers

There ya go, just another American company fucking over their fellow countrymen to sell internationally first using the whole weak dollar excuse that made Windcharger such a pain in the ass to find. Probably the same reason we got snubbed on a bunch of recent Japanese releases. Whatever. Fuck them.

Or maybe not? I mean, Hasbro did say they plan to find a way to get these figures domestically released, though I struggle with how complicated this whole affair could be for them SINCE THAT’S THE ONLY FUCKING THING THIS COMPANY DOES IS PRODUCE AND DISTRIBUTE TOYS.

Uh, anyway…

Word is spreading of additional First Edition figures being seeing production and distribution! However, it looks like they’re going to… Asian consumption?!? Didn’t Asia already receive like two helpings of this same line on top of the goddamn TFP Targetmasters???


Fuck Hasbro, man. Just another stone in a pile to hurl in their direction while we wait for Hasbro to stop being the guy that offers you popcorn in his lap, but instead it turns out it’s a buttery bucket with their dick in it.


Stop being that guy, Hasbro. We don’t want your dick. We want toys. Stop offering us your dick, take our money and stop making this relationship weird.

We don’t like you that way.

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2 Responses to Transformers: Prime First Edition to see promised re-release domestically? Don’t hold your breath.

  1. I posted something about this back on April 19th. Hasbro focused all of their attention on the movie toys, and the Prime toys took the hit because of it. But the “First Edition” toys were never meant for US release because they’re too nice.

    I totally just wrote five paragraphs here in response to this, but I’ve decided to make it a blog post instead. Dude, seriously.

  2. […] action figures simultaneously with the launch of the Transformers: Prime series.  I then noticed someone complain about the “First Edition” toys that were released in Canada and Asia.  They were […]

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