Botcon: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus on display

transformers-generations-bruticus (10)__scaled_800

It looks more and more like G2 Bruticus every time I see the Fall of Cybertron video game Transformers Generation combiner. Bright freakin’ colors, Blast-Off and Vortex are wearing eachother’s colors, Onslaught looks weird and overall the gestalt beast they form looks droopy.

I WOULD STILL KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS TO COLLECT ALL OF THE NECESSARY COMPONENTS. Retail setting or otherwise. Seriously. Bare hands. I’ll complain about it, piss, moan and yet I will end you to connect with these toys.

Check out Tformers gallery HERE

As for a gaudy, hideous reference to whack ass colors let’s consider what Hasbro did in the 90’s with a look at Transformers Generation 2 Bruticus. Horrifically bright colors, on the same old familiar figures. Again, I will rip you limb from limb to find these components in stores.

Granted, it's not the saaame colors, but it shares that similar aesthetic repulsion this new Bruticus boasts.

I’m a little disappointed that this is all Hasbro really has to show and I’m guessing that we’ll see this released over the course of two waves for added combiner cockblocking in between the other figures, which don’t look all that bad themselves.

I’m still hoping that Hasbro is just hiding some stocked cases at the convention somewhere given the statement they made of Generations ballooning out because if the only things they have on display are the same things they had online and at Toy Fair then that’s a pretty sad use of a promotional event.

I still like the stuff. I look forward to getting what they have out there, but Hasbro still has a lot of stuff to actually pony up. Especially after “forgetting” the continental USA for products that are in big demand.

You know, I recall them actually saying that we’d be seeing Reflector awhile back in the Generations line. I’m pleased to see the Combaticons getting some love and an actual Shockwave figure that looks like a Shockwave, but where’s Reflector? It’s just a repaint with a new head so what’s the holdup there?

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