Transformers: Two Devastating Decepticon Combiners are better than one!

Watch out for my drool... it's EVERYWHERE!!!


So now there are technically THREE new unofficial Devastators of massive size, scale and detail that neither Hasbro nor Takara have taken the time out to address. Oh, sorry, well they did threaten with lawsuits. Fuck making a better product, they NEED to stop the fanbase from seeing to its own needs ASAP!

Ah damn. I didn’t mean to turn this into one of those Hasbro rants, but whatever. Anyway, Maketoys will be releasing a GREEN version of their previously YELLOW “Giant” combiner this summer in a big boxed set and I couldn’t be happier. I mean, there’s no way I can AFFORD it and yet I appreciate having a goal.

Let’s chat about that goal for combiners awesomeness, why Hasbro & Takara-Tomy are run by brain damaged fruitbats, and wrecking ball testicles…

After the cut!

Why they wanted to release a yellow Devastator first, I don’t entirely understand, but I’m down either way. The best part? NO FUCKING TESTICLES!!!!


Hasbro stopped caring about a lot of the elements that made their shows make their products desirable. They got that back with Transformers: Animated, but they have to rebuild that marketable bond… AGAIN. In the last several years the only notable thing they released with Devastator’s name was that ball-swingin’ abomination from Michael Bay’s bastardization of the Transformers brand. Funny how the ROTF Devastator toy that didn’t transform into separate robots gathered dust until it was clearanced out and fans are climbing all over eachother to fling their money at the product they had been requesting since 1984.

Lawsuits aren’t going to save you since China laughs at your “intellectual property rights” and kicking the heroes of your brand off the market instead of competing with a better product just shows that you folks at Hasbro are just bunch of money hungry asshats who can’t conceive how either supply or demand work.

Shiiiiit, you could even make this whole thing work in your favor by OUTSOURCING THE ADULT TOYS TO DIFFERENT DESIGNERS AND SLAPPING THE OFFICIAL BRAND ON THE PRODUCT MAKING YOU and them by some small measure MONEY. What the fuck do I know though? I mean, I’m only one of millions of frequently neglected customers so it’s not like it’ll matter when my money takes a distinct turn in their general direction.



Hasbro won’t even notice I’m gone.

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