GX-04S Grendizer: The Chogokin toy I need in order to continue living!

Santa if you read this, I want this. I don’t mean to point fingers or anything, but you owe me big man. You know what I mean… That one time with that thing that one time? Yeah. THAT.

This was my first and foremost introduction to anime and the first true demonstration of robots running amok and the beautiful destruction that follows. To date, the only thing I’ve ever owned from Grendizer (or “Grandzier” in the USA, or “Goldorak” in Europe) was a crappy pencil topper that kids mocked calling it the “retarded ewok”. Grendizer is the amazing true story of an alien revolutionary whose desperate plea (and remarkable grasp of earth language) allowed him to stow the giant robot doomsday weapon on earth that he had stolen from the vicious space tyrant who enslaved his homeworld. No doubt, it was also this alien’s vast charisma that persuaded the local observatory dedicated to contacting extraterrestrial life to house and deploy this same super weapon. Especially after the Space Tyrant followed him to earth and trashed everything he held dear, including the alien-crazed farmer’s hot daughter.

The toy I obsess over is part of Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin line, a series made of solidified awesome. That tangible awesome being die-cast creations based off of anime’s most amazing robots of today and yesterday. I mentioned Chogokin during my Aquarion review and if my bet on Soybean options takes off I plan to collect them with wanton abandon. In the meantime, as I try to pay bills I just need to fantasize about the toy I’ve begged for since I was four years old and the mom ‘n pop video place donated the Grandizer video to my mom so she could stop renting it.

(“Force Five” american dub opening for Grandizer)

If your palette can suffer classic anime and old school dubs I highly recommend taking this for a ride, the internet seems more than willing to provide the material to watch. It’s not as amazingly awesome as the toy, but it’s worth mentioning.

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