Tekyu rants on Bioware’s recent announcement in person, er-Video!

I did this on the fly as I gurgled over with rage, as though that weren’t obvious. Believe it or not, this is after I got most of the cursing out.

Why am I still pissed? Well, the problem is that those jerks at THAT COMPANY intend to shrug off all of the bad juju received thus far and fire off a curse laced fart cloud in our general direction.

I’m still trying to get over my recent plague, hence the occasional cough. Forgive the coughing. Not the swearing, just the coughing.

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2 Responses to Tekyu rants on Bioware’s recent announcement in person, er-Video!

  1. Chris says:

    I think it’s obvious that you felt this a lot harder than I did. Having said that I feel very down beat at the moment. That things turn to crap no longer surprises or shocks me.

    In recent history I have seen:
    – Star Wars destroyed
    – Star Trek turned into a lightshow for morons
    – BSG ended on a massive anti-climax
    – Firefly cancelled
    – Babylon 5 ran into the ground

    That’s just science fiction.

    I’ve seen the Commodore Amiga die and the Sega Dreamcast die.

    I’ve seen Micheal Bay plunge new depths I never thought possible.

    And that’s just entertainment.

    Oh whilst I am being a self entitled gamer, whats with Sega making Valkyria Chronicles a PSP game, not once but twice. Did they not see the sales go through the floor in 2?

    For the record I’ve bought ME1 and 2 twice, boxed and then on Steam for PC. Was trying out the Texmod upgrade pack for 1. Aside from flakey fonts, it makes a huge difference.

    The irony I feel is that if Gameloft ripped off Mass Effect, I still think they could make a better ending than that. Hell Square Enix could write a better ending.

    So yeah, I am not as upset, but only because I half expect to be let down anyway.

  2. Tekyu says:

    Okay, that’s fair. I trusted Bioware a little too much. I had absolute faith that Bioware would see this through to a satisfying conclusion that was as unique as each one was complicated based on my actions like they had promised. Personally, I had put a LOT of stake in Mass Effect 3 giving my the escapism I desperately craved since the death of my father and collapse of the family business since the previous two entries had such significant grasp on me that it granted me an essential reprieve from normal life. I don’t drink, I needed this badly.

    Maybe having genuine faith in them was my fault, but I really REALLY needed this game and I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to replaying the ME series over and over for different results for as long as I could stand it. I developed a strong emotional attachment to a franchise that treated me well until now and a developer that really seemed to care about my input, but having their corporate phallus strike my across the face was as jarring as it was painful knowing they’re just like every other developer out there; fans be damned.

    I’m no stranger to science fiction blowing up in my face. I’m right there with you on Star Wars, BSG, Firefly and mostly on Star Trek. Worse still, I watched the Scifi Channel when it added wrestling and changed its name to… the same verbal result of Syfy. I actually blew off Mass Effect until I played the game and it haunted me over a year until I beat it because there was so much screwing around to do. Sure I could dig up a PSone title and root through the Final Fantasies when they were good, putter around in Grandia or just stick with Fallout and Elder Scrolls, but it’s not the same.

    Not that this is going to stop my rambling, ranting and raving. Not in the least! I’ll harass Bioware as long as I’m able to desire something better. Just because I stopped buying their stuff doesn’t mean I haven’t bought enough to be a voice worth hearing.

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