The HUB Hits Netflix! Joes, Bots and Ponies! OH MY!

Hasbro spent a lot of money to finally have total control over their brands. They even bought a cable channel in a partnership with Discovery. The primary brands ruling the channel are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, GI Joe: Renegades and Transformers: Prime.

Much as I do and will complain about all the incredibly stupid shit Hasbro does, these shows are magnificent. Aesthetically they may rub you the wrong way, but this is television at its finest and children’s television at a level that may shock you. My little Pony is brilliantly funny stuff from the demented minds behind Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, GI Joe is a great method of rebooting the classic franchise using stuff as unorthodox and Resident Evil for inspiration and Transformers goes big from the moment things start showing a much darker edge than previous series.

If you kept that Netflix account after their Qwickster tomfoolery, this is one of those things that will have made it worthwhile. Or at least a minor treat. Enjoy.

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