Mass Effect 3: Replay of first game reveals supposed Beings of Light? Catalyst is real?

Klencory: The Planet with the toxic surface that has fans grasping at straws. Again.

Mass Effect 1 was big. Crazy big. Like so big you had to wait to be decontaminated before entering your massive space frigate because the world was too big to wait for loading screens. One planet you could visit was Klencory, but keep in mind that you could visit a shit-ton of planets in the first game. Even when you can’t land, you can get a peek at what the planet’s like and its history in the ME universe via the description that pops up when you’re in orbit.

One planet has recently rocked our collective worlds by sort of hinting at something to stop rampaging synthetics. Let’s talk about Klencory, a mad Volus billionaire and the palpable desperation of fans looking for the answers that Bioware promised this game would deliver… and didn’t.

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A staple of the series has always been an anal retentive bit of attention to detail. When I say “anal”, I mean “butt related” and I address keisters because the line of logic leading up to the potential conclusion this might represent sucks ass. To add some credibility to the ME3 ending where Shepard is forced into choices A, B or C by the Catalyst, RockPaperShotgun dusted off an old planet entry. Apparently, some kooky Volus billionaire occupied a planet that he’s savaging with mining equipment and mercenaries to uncover sealed “beings of light” that supposedly fought against synthetic terrors in ancient times.




SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! It's cool. I'm fine. Just... let me get some more coffee...

What does this prove? Uh… well, nothing. But until Bioware fills some of the gaping holes in their fucking game, people are going to keep doing their job for them with rampant speculation. There’s already the popular Indoctrination Theory, which makes Mass Effect 3 appear to be the layered work of mad geniuses behind the most amazing and unfinished game ever made.

Then there’s this thing. It’s just a planet entry that coincidentally discusses some things that might tie into the ending of Mass Effect 3. The problem is that the Being of Light that you encounter is a complete asshat who claims to have created the Reapers in the first place and then just shrugs off the fact that Shepard is there to ruin everything.

The connection appears moot trying to tie the planet to the Catalyst because: It doesn’t stop shit and claims to be the one at the wheel of the Murder Bus.

The nature of your interaction with the Catalyst sort sinks this sucker as a suggestion before it starts, but I’m certain someone is going to try to make this story fit by saying it’s a rogue being of light or some shit. I’m going to dismiss this before my heart explodes. My fanatical devotion to Mass Effect has left me in the precarious position of giving too much of a shit. So here I am, skull cracking a little at the sides every time rumors slither out or varied fan theories hit the internet. Chewing at a my arm a little restlessly trying to play other games that aren’t Mass Effect, while wishing that they were or at least having something more compelling to do than jump into Multiplayer.

I should want to be replaying all three mass Effect games in succession. Hell, I had basically planned on replaying Mass Effect in its entirety for the rest of my life just to play with the different results. Bioware needs to get a ahead of this shit with some examples of upcoming DLC before one of us snaps.

Credit: RockPaperShotgun, Kotaku

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One Response to Mass Effect 3: Replay of first game reveals supposed Beings of Light? Catalyst is real?

  1. operatoroscillation says:

    Keep in mind, the “being of light” theory is just meant to explain who the star child is. It’s not meant to overreachingly explain the massive plot holes in the game like the indoctrination theory does (which is why the indoc theory is BS). Plus a Bioware tweet from Jessica Merizan confirms that the kid is a being of light. That leaves the question of the discrepency between what the codex from ME1 says about the beings of light, and what this being of light in ME3 does. Well remember, Bioware struggled up until the very end trying to figure out how they were going to do the ending…and it shows. So we have a half assed ending, but now we know who the Catalyst is.

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