Cartoon Network cancels Thundercats?!?

An amazing revitalization of a beloved toy line and tv series, Thundercats answered many nerd prayers.

After an abrupt departure, the series finally came back onto Cartoon Network recently. The series pulls less punches than before with the introduction of Mumm-ra’s new generals whose implied murders and wanton violence are as disturbing as they are awesome. The story remains on course as a brilliant recreation of the original story with a harder edge with only its path to closure in question.

Sadly, CN has unveiled its offerings for next year in a press release and Thundercats was decidedly absent. The dubious Beware the Batman cartoon replacing The Brave and the Bold is proudly touted at the top of the press release as well as Ben 10, Lego’s Ninjago, How to Train your Dragon: The Series, and some other stuff.

The point is, they didn’t mention Thundercats.

Folks have peppered Cartoon Network for any remote confirmation on the fate of the awe-inspiring reboot, but have as of yet been left in the dark. This ominous notion seems more worrisome due to the fact that Bandai’s offerings for the line at the recent Toy Fair were sparse at best. Most of the stuff that they had on display had already been on store shelves for some time.

After being firmly stabbed in the back by Cartoon Network on a number of other amazing shows I followed, I’m less and less inclined to watch a network dedicated to animation that grants their airtime to a live action show about kids hunting video game monsters. Losing the one show they have that makes me bounce off the fucking walls with excitement would pretty much kill off any need I have to continue watching.

I’m still pissed about losing Flapjack…

Poor K'nuckles is without even a whale to shelter him anymore since The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack was put out to sea...

Credit: Toynewsi

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