Breaking News: Xbox Live is populated by pottymouths!

Foul language? Over the internet?! MADNESS!!!

News rarely hits as hard as this. An ABC local news broadcast cracked the case and relayed to the masses something of grave importance: People curse over Xbox Live!

In the article, this Los Angeles ABC affiliate explains the trash talk and rampant password theft already ruining your children. YOU CAN’T SAVE THEM!

Their solution? Unplug the headphones and crank up the sound so the racial slurs can resound through the home! Woo! Even though uh, pulling the headphones cripples what might be essential communication depending on the game. Oh and mute features, let’s also forget that those exist.

But whatever, ABC has experts! Experts that don’t seem to be gamers or really competent as how to work around the verbal violence, but experts all the same! No mention of Xbox Live parties or the methods of control over communication utilized by game consoles. Or really any strong solutions beyond making sure everyone in the house can hear random strangers doing Dave Chappelle impressions.

Still though, Experts!

Are these really experts? Why aren’t they suggesting that a parent wade into the trenches and play the games with their kids in the first place instead of sitting around like some annoying hall monitor? If you’re sitting with your 6 year old as they’re running around stabbing people in Call of Duty multiplayer while you listen in to the symphony of ignorance that is online gaming, then you’re a fucking idiot and a failure as a parent. It’s too late for your kids when these hack journalists have to tell you what happens with videogames. If you’re too busy, or whatever excuse you have handy, to take the time out to play with your own children then you only have yourself to blame when they need to seek out other people to play with.

They keep making Lego games for a reason!

Credit: Kotaku, ABC

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