Bioware, listening to the Fans. IGN… Not.


Well, we got what we wanted! Mass Effect is going to change the ending, and charge us for it. But looking at professional reviewers from IGN saying this sets a dangerous precedent? See the video above.

We’re going to ruin HIS ending that he enjoyed by allowing people who choose to pay for DLC to get their OWN ending choices? Like we were promised at the very beginning. I’m sure this guy doesn’t buy all DLC that’s out there, and probably doesn’t claim that if he doesn’t buy a DLC for xyz game that allows a new story twist that it’s ruined. There are tons of them, so let’s use a real world example. Let’s say for example, Resident Evil 5 has a DLC where you can see what happens to Jill after she’s rescued by Chris. Well, this spit in the face of my original ending for that game because I wanted it to stay a mystery! Ugh, Capcom. Ruining games?! I wanted to draw my own conclusions and you just shove her story down my face for a nominal charge. Why is it other players who are willing to pay for it can see other aspects of the story!?

I can’t believe this guy. Maybe he is just playing devils advocate?

That argument is just retarded. Thanks Bioware, for listening to the fans.

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2 Responses to Bioware, listening to the Fans. IGN… Not.

  1. Tekyu says:

    Say what? He couldn’t FIND anyone to support Bioware’s decision to talk to him? Did he not actually talk to anyone who played the game? Does he really understand what journalism is all about?

    And how does this merit a dangerous precedent? How about developers NOT fucking up royally in the first place? How is pressure from consumers to develop a COMPLETE product that lives up to the hype that Bioware pushed for themselves a bad thing? Is taking someone to task for not delivering on promises made a bad thing?

    Isn’t the ultimate moral lesson to be learned here that you don’t intentionally fuck up a great product for the sake of milking DLC? Also, don’t fuck with Mass Effect fans. Seriously.

  2. Jameberlin says:

    This guy has one agenda and one agenda only: to protect his job. His job is to review games sent to him WEEKS or MONTHS in advance of release in order to play and review them, and let’s not forget he WORKS for SONY. What would he do if they say, refuse to send him new games based on the grounds he bashed BioWare or supported the TBME movement?

    IGN, unfortunately has gone the way of the corporate zombie; I would not be surprised if this guy is saying what he feels he needs to say in order to not piss off the biggest developers/publishers that put paychecks in his pocket. We’ve all read fluffy happy rainbow reviews for shitty games put out by publications like Game Informer, IGN and their ilk. Have you EVER trusted a 15 page spread in Playstation Magazine?

    Sigh. I miss my EGM.

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