A fat, ugly guy says mean things and people are stunned

So aside from being hideous, fat and annoying; Aris lacks manners in addition to any concept of personal hygiene.

So people are like assholes. Or some such analogy. Everyone’s got one and everyone has the potential to be one, Aris Bakhtanians is just ahead of the curve.

Look, I accept that trash talk happens. There’s no reason for it though, it’s usually the mark of a weaker opponent trying to intimidate a better player. I only wear the headset when I’m in control of who I have to talk to when I play online because I’m annoyed by children using rampant vulgarity and I’m ashamed of supposedly grown adults who act like children.

If your skills can’t back you up, then I guess you’re not as good as you think you are.

Back to mister beardy though, he made this… significant error of getting caught in a way that makes every gamer look like an asshole. That’s not an image I enjoy sharing. While supposedly coaching his Tekken team during a tournament, he openly sexually harassed a female member. A member of his OWN TEAM. He talked shit at her until she basically threw all of her fights. This is not what team members are supposed to do. I have been on teams before, I know this.

Let’s briefly touch on a scandal slithering through the internet, about a fat bastard who shit-talked his own teammate into throwing in the towel during a tournament that was broadcast live. A tournament that is now the foothold for debate as to whether or not gamers should be assholes at all times and justify it with brain-damaged reasoning or clean up their act and let your supposed skills do the talking.

Let’s talk about some shit-talk, after the cut!

In light of the eye-roll inducing apology Arias Rendered I decided to take down my little rant.

He was big enough to apologize (however, half-assed it was) and the internet is going to be playing tug of war with his nasty-looking beard for quite awhile. I’m not excited to stir up more trouble for a guy who already has the entire internet gunning for him and making frequent references to his less than stunning good looks.

Also, he already seems like a jerk and that’s already biting him in the ass.

To sum things up, Arias mouthed off extensively during a live recording made during a tournament for the reality TV project. The problem is that his mouth was aimed at a female team mate whom was insulted to the point that she threw her own fights. During the dust up that our generation of news created by instantly letting Arias hang himself with his own words, he made an initial statement in his defense.

Capcom was quick to distance themselves by indicating that they had nothing to do with the exchange, which was a bad sign for Arias since his entire hobby/career teetered on support for his projects through official channels. Arias eventually made a point of “>apologizing, albeit in a weak and soulless fashion, after harsh criticism following Capcom’s blanket statement of being uninvolved.

The true tragedy is the fact that Arias’ opposition to public outcry of his behavior is that now people are fighting over gamer etiquette. This event has spiraled into a terrible series of debates. And when nerds debate the ethical nature of “trash talk” we all lose. Our collective loss is only deepened by the fact anyone opened their minds to the fact that this trashy asshole is getting any attention at all for his reprehensible behavior. It’s like watching Jersey Shore.


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