Portal: The ONLY Replica meant to replicate Portal Gameplay

Need more Portal in your life?

Got $208?

There’s a Japanese preorder you should be aware of at Hobby Search for NECA’s niftiest little replica to date! It’s not real, changes colors and comes with a prohibitive price. Personally, I’d love a Portal Gun lying around the house, but until my spatula patents cash in I can’t really afford high priced hijinks of this nature.

I’d almost rather have a crate FULL of Combustible Lemons. For the price, you’d think it came with a dozen Lemons ready to burn someone’s house down. Here’s hoping we see another release for a cheaper price down the line.

Then again, it’s not like there aren’t a bunch of stunning examples of fan made ones all over the internet already. Supposedly, NECA was also working on Portal Action figures and I find myself more interested in that than this fancy, overpriced replica. If they’re Japanese exclusive though, I’m thinking we’ll all have some sour words for Valve.

I NEED Portal toys.

Credit: Kotaku, Topless Robot, Geekologie

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