Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus will be your plaything! Literally!


You’ll notice I keep bringing up Transformers and Toys will very shortly become a frequent topic, that’s because it’s February and Toy Fair is about to hit. Also, toys are totally awesome.

Per Seibertron, the next issue of Game Informer spills the news we’ve been anxiously awaiting in that the featured combiner robot (Bruticus) will be a physical damn toy!

Right on! Military vehicles and a... a... Is that a Space Shuttle? No seriously, why is there a Space Shuttle?

The Combaticons were a band of cutthroat Decepticon mercenaries notorious for being a sign of a battle changing for inevitable Decepticon triumph when they combined into Bruticus, although the only character among them that was well developed was Swindle who sold his team’s bodies for scrap after a bad encounter with another combiner, Defensor. Swindle’s kind of a sleazy asshole, but we all love him for it and that love has probably made him one of the most enduring Decepticon characters ever known, even appearing in TF: Animated.

Anyway, they’re awesome. And they’re in the War for Cybertron sequel as individual playable characters and a playable combiner. More importantly, they’ll be available as individual figures that ALSO combine into Bruticus!!!!!!


Note to self: Thank Santa in advance. Also ask about Grimlock

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