I’m probably not buying Sonic Generations

If they’d released that set with the statue and the ring and the swag stateside, I would never have stood a chance. However, my wallet thanks Sega for neglecting North America in this particular fashion because I apparently got off easy in this respect.

Yahtzee’s crazed, frothy blathering mirrors precisely what people have been popping their tops over since just before the game was released.

And now Sega’s looking to do a second episode of the much reviled Sonic 4?

What the hell, Sega? Why not come to an arrangement with the fine fellows who already made a semi-perfect Sonic game for free? It’s off the web, go release it on consoles and make money the lazy way you slovenly bastards! This is a problem that could have been fixed with two phone calls and I would have paid money for this on my Xbox, PS3, PC or Wii.

I might have even purchased it for all of the above!!!

Generations seems to be like following Sonic into rehab and that’s just… not cool. You shouldn’t mix the best parts of Sonic with the worst parts, that’s a step back in a big way. And a kick to the dick for no reason.

Sega must be on drugs or something because I’m not sure if they’re simply hard up for money or just crazy these days.

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3 Responses to I’m probably not buying Sonic Generations

  1. Daison says:

    Sonic Generations is the best Sonic game I’ve played since Sonic Adventure 2.

    Now, I’m not saying that the other ones aren’t entertaining, but Sonic 4 was just one of the worst sonic games I’ve played. It’s definitely down on the list. It felt less like a Sonic game than when Sonic had to start running really slow to compete with Mario at the Olympics.

    To be fair, buying Sonic Generations on Steam for 10 bucks did not feel in anyway to be a waste of money. Quite the contrary. I dig the soundtrack, and the game is entertaining in it’s own right. If I had my way, each of the levels would have had 2-3 stages, but can’t complain too much, and my kids adore watching me play it.

    Also, to release a full game at 30 bucks… That’s a definite plus on Segas part. 60 dollars would have been pushing it…

  2. Tekyu says:

    Look, I’m old and I’m a butthurt fanboy. This is what I do. This is my thing. Sega is like a drunken relative who always buys the wrong clothes that don’t fit and demands you wear them to all family functions so they can view their handiwork of putting a dress onto a young male.

    Besides, for $10 I could forgive all kinds of flaws. :) At $10 I might even call it a near perfect game, but I was looking to pay full price for this sucker.

    Also, how the hell did I miss Sonic Generations being $10 on Steam?!? With that in perspective it makes even renting the game seem almost weird.

    Anyhoo, I played the demo and practically begged Sega to put it in my veins because they only had the gorgeous old-school stuff up for play. On the merit of that alone I was ready to plunk down 80 bucks or so for the Collector’s Edition. When Sega announced it wasn’t coming to American shores, I didn’t feel any hurry to get the game new and since I’ve had time to absorb reviews I’ve come to the conclusion that I could seriously live without it.

    And while I’m sure the game has a lot of great elements, it’s just that they also decided to weave in the elements of Sonic’s lesser years like it’s a reminder of his drunken hobo days and how they are NOT OVER YET. Game Informer’s review details a rib tickler about how in the ending current Sonic waves his past self goodbye and lies to his face about how great his future is going to be…

    I would have more than $30 for a better game. As it stands, I’d still pay more for a full version of the Sonic fan game. I miss the days when I could just like Sonic by default and I could trust Sega, but now his latest sequel comes in episodic installments and the whole concept of Sonic Generations comes like a blue hedgehog dickslap to the face. I’m not saying I won’t play it and for $10 I’d snag it in a heartbeat, but until that opportunity dawns upon me I shan’t be purchasing this game.

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