Some nerds remade FF7 for Squenix

(A couple of swell folks put their education into practice to do what Square-Enix would not.)

This is old news, but I heard about it indirectly around the time I was on my honeymoon.

The nice guys HERE ( have been using an Unreal Engine license to assemble an unauthorized remake of the lauded seventh entry in a little franchise called Final Fantasy. They’re not pirates or thieves since everything they’ve done has been to further their education while trying their best to give something back to the fans, something Square-Enix hasn’t shown any interest in doing.

They have a demo and a significant explanation of how they went about creating their fantastic homage all over their website. The language barrier makes it a little strange, but they at least made the attempt to reach out to English speaking gamers, just be sure to click the United Kingdom flag in the top right corner.

I should use this space to flip out and tell Squenix to suck it, but I think I’ll just sorta leave this here. As long as someone’s doing something with the damn game, I’m a little happier.

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