Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, TRAILERGEDDON!

So Activision released another trailer for Fall of Cybertron amidst the Thanksgiving madness.

High Moon studio continues to impress me. I like these guys a lot. By “guys” I mean the sextastic developers for the War for Cybertron game and by “like” I mean that I am a willing slave to their every whim.

Or at least that I am a big fan of what they did for the Transformers franchise.

War for Cybertron was awesome, it has a few unnecessary quirks that make the all-knowing Transformers nerd within me quake with rage, but it stands as the only Transformers game in recent memory (haven’t played Dark of the Moon) with decent multiplayer elements and an immensely satisfying campaign overall. It was also fun. That was a major component to me being genuinely excited about the follow-up title.

It didn’t hurt that to drum up attention for the distinctive changes in the roster of playable characters, High Moon decided to show off Grimlock dragging his massive sword like Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head before stabbing it into the ground and transforming into a big, angry dinosaur.

The stuff revealed here is sort of tied to the comics wherein Shockwave has captured Grimlock and his squad to experiment with Dino-data turning them into monstrous Dinobots. Grimlock’s big gimmick in the game is that he stomps around using melee attacks until his rage fills to bursting forcing him to transform and lay waste to everything in his path.

Few things boost sales like fire-breathing robot dinosaurs.

To spice things up variety-wise they’re bringing Cliffjumper to the table with mild spy elements as well as Jazz who does his grappling hook thing so maybe they’re distancing themselves from the Gears of War style squad-based gameplay. Or not. We’ll find out.

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