DC Just Keeps it Coming

“Brace yourself, but after further review there have been no Crisis events in the New DCU.”

That quote came from the Facebook page of Dan DiDio last weekend. I just…I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m really just tired of my getting my heart broken. Can Batman be written by a different company, please, because at this point I just don’t trust DC anymore.

You might be asking me, “Is it that big of a deal?” It kind of is. You see even if the new DCU is only 5-10 years old there are some events that need to have happened. None of the characters where supposed to remember the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths in the old DCU so to them it’s like it never happened. And since Infinite Crisis was pretty much a direct sequel to that I can accept both of those not existing anymore. It’s really Final Crisis I have a problem with right now. DC mentioned before the reboot that all the major stories and events still happened. I’ll get into the bullshit of that one in a bit.

For Batman, nothing has really changed in the New DCU (besides Batgirl). In fact, it is almost like the Bat books pulled a One Year Later and picked up from there. So, picking up from there, they established that Dick Grayson is Nightwing again…which means he at one point wasn’t Nightwing…so that must have been his time as Batman…the role he took over when Bruce Wayne was missing…because he “died”…being “killed” by Darksied…during Final Crisis.

So what kind big events did happen? With the Green Lantern books it would seem that nothing has changed at all. Therefore I am lead to believe that Blackest Night and Brightest Day are still mostly cannon if not everything just judging from hints in a couple of  the new books last month. A lot of people where pissed when there was no JSA reboot. It was latter mentioned that the JSA will make an appearance but those stories will take place on a different Earth. So Reboot 2011 is now going out of its way to completely undo Reboot 1985. The 52 Earths that came from the end of Infinite Crisis didn’t because they mostly housed the stories that DC liked from the past 20 years such as Elseworld stories, the Tangant books, and the Crime Syndicate. In fact, this time last year they established Earth One as a modern take on their charcters. They released Superman: Earth One as a comic novel and we are supposed to get a Batman book that is coming out in 2012. I guess my point here is that this New DCU could still fit one one of those Earths as there were about 10 left that were not assigned.

So with the whole “big events still happened” quote, what are we left with? What possibly history can be intact. Did Superman die? Was it by Doomsday? Did Batman get his back broken? Was Gotham ever No Man’s Land? Did Barry Allen die and come back? As far as I can tell none of this can remain in the New DCU. It is just another example of the cracks of the reboot proving to us how rushed this was put together. DC just says the words that we want to hear like the boy who cried wolf. But just like the boy who cried wolf, they will end up getting raped out of this.

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