iHeartRadio: Streaming on Xbox Live (Exclusively)

Am I weird because I don't care? AND GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN, DAMN KIDS!!!

I don’t “get” this.

By this I mean the upcoming iHeartRadio event going down in Vegas very VERY soon. How do I seem to know so little, yet also seem imminently aware of its proximity? Because I have a radio, you asshole!

Aw, come back! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it!

I’m really sorry, that was uncalled for and I really didn’t mean it. What I meant to say was that I have been swimming in advertising for this event on literally every radio station in my vehicle between my long, un-airconditioned treks across the hot, hot valley. It’s on the tip of every DJ’s tongue and smeared on plenty of billboards across town. You’d think that the cure for zombification was playing at this concert instead of Lady Gaga…

Why am I driving around without air conditioning in a hot valley? Because it’s expensive to fix and I’m a cheap bastard with no money, you asshole!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! No! Don’t go! I’m sorry for making you see a Lady Gaga video. I’ll hurry up and explain! Really, I’m getting to the point!

The POINT is that Microsoft made a batshit crazy (and likely EXPENSIVE) deal with Clear Channel to make Xbox Live subscribers the only recipients of live, streaming video of the concert as it goes down. I’m not really chomping at the bit for this thing, but I’ll admit that streaming it over the service is a GENIUS idea to promote the device.

Unfortunately, I can just imagine some people wanting to drop into my home to see what Lady Gaga’s wearing while I’m FINALLY getting started on Gears of War 3… For those interested in the details, log into Xbox Live during the 23rd and 24th of September (or sooner, I believe there’s info up there now on the dashboard).

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