Gamestop wants your Apple iOS Devices, making their own gaming tablet

Gamestop wants in on the used iOS widget market.

Gamestop announced that its’ US stores will now accept iPods, iPads and iPhones toward trade-in credit for games and stuff.

They also spilled that part of their OnLive-esque assault on the market and possible use of SpawnLabs, Inc. is the creation and distribution of their own brand of gaming-based touchscreen tablets.

This is a weird ass mix of news coming out of Gamestop. By entering into another market on two fronts, they’re attacking a new angle that most nationwide chains haven’t approached treating these devices as tradeable (not simply pawnable) items.

It is also worth noting that Gamestop claims that credit for iOS devices is “Significantly Higher” than that of normal trade items. Now since Gamestop in all their wanton greed and sleaze gives people precisely JACK and SHIT for used games, I’m barely holding back laughter imagining what they consider to be fair for someone trading in a $500 device that people can arguably get almost entirely what they paid for it by selling it on their own online. Unless there’s a shit-ton of suckers or idiots with Apple devices, of which of guessing there might be a few, who have no idea how valuable their widgets are to frothing Apple fans.

Not trying to diss casual widget users, but I am trying to make sure people who have valuable shit get what they should for things. I’d hate to turn something in for $50 of credit a shitty store only to find it was worth $300 anywhere else or more if I put it on eBay. If you buy smart, it’s also good to consider selling smart.

See Gamasutra’s article on the matter HERE

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