Transformers: SDCC Exclusive Optimus Prime from Transformers: Prime

Beneath the fancy, magnet sealed box is a Matrix of Leadership shaped bubble housing none other than a deluxe Optimus Prime figure. That's just SEXY.

Seibertron has a gallery for the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Optimus Prime.

I’m especially hot and bothered excited about it because while I was insane enough to rip the plastic off the box, pull apart the magnetic latch holding the flaps closed and pulling the matrix bubble from its package and wearing it… I am not quite ready to remove him from his package.

I may never. He is… precious to me. Precioussssssssssss…

For those interested in a shot at their own pleasantly redundant deluxe Prime Prime, Hasbro’s own Hasbrotoyshop actually has him up for sale HERE for about $20 while supplies last. They likely had a lot on hand with the intent of pushing forth their newest Transformer effort in the coolest way possible. But then, it wasn’t fair to make him compete with the only aesthetically pleasing version of the TF3 Optimus w/ Trailer ($80!!!!) and a Cobra Commander/Starscream crossover boxed set ($50 at convention, $300 post-convention online).

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