Creepy ponies? Cupcakes: The Movie? Huh?

I’m told that since the guys who made Foster’s Home of Imaginary Friends, it’s cool for dudes to approach My Little Pony and watch it without getting their Man-Card taken away. I’m still dubious, but that doesn’t stop the rest of the internet from going batshit crazy over these things. Well, the show anyway. The show draws a lot of attention to the point that even Former President Clinton is familiar with elements of the show he can only know by watching when he’s quizzed randomly in an interview.

Apparently, possessing a phallus and having any minimal knowledge of this new, bizarrely popular My Little Pony show makes you a “Brony”. I could be misinterpreting that, but I’m afraid that being curious enough to explore that might earn me the title. Worse still, as my little sister is an avid Pony propagandist I may have absorbed more than I intended to merely by osmosis.

Sleep in fear, folks. I know I will.

PS: Oh and thanks to TR for the video.

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