Transformers: They have Non-zombie robots as well!

Horns? Check. Red? Check. Irrationally aggressive? Well, he has horns and a gun for hand... Check.

Good news! In my trying to not invest any interest in the Transformers: Prime toyline, I am failing miserably. As noted by the little squeal of delight I made when I saw that Cliffjumper would be joining the line in his pre-horrific death/zombification form.

The mere fact that he dies and Arcee pines for him constantly makes me more intrigued about him by the second. So… Hurry the fuck up, Hasbro. If you’re not going to give people what they ask for (G1 Megatron, Masterpiece Soundwave & Blaster, Reflector Team that turns into a camera, etc.) then get your shit in gear so your damn show will fulfill its entire purpose and sell some damn toys!

November is far too long a wait…

Pic courtesy of Tformers, check out their gallery of stuff including Megatron, Vehicon, Voyager Optimus Prime, Bulkhead and some in package pics of other characters like Starscream, Bumblebee and Arcee. The post for the gallery is HERE

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