Squenix: Kotaku hits it in the owie-spot

(FF6’s awesome Opera scene, no one else would have dreamed doing this shit before and no one has even come close since then.)

I’ve got this love/annoyed thing with Kotaku much of the time, they have a spiteful edge to their writing (Who DOES that, right? ) as though there was some agenda tied to their posting, but they also have the genuine journalist cred to present excellent research and thought provoking, if not altogether terrifying, articles for gamers.

For instance, this article on the “fall of Square-Enix” dishes some (distressingly amusing) dirt on front man Sakaguchi leaving the company to make money with former Square staff and the collective powers that assembled Chrono Trigger as his fairly successful Blue Dragon franchise is treating both he and Mistwalker Studios to much happier times than that of Squenix’s brutal losses to date.

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  1. […] it backfired because people have clamored for this ever since, while Square persistently REFUSED. I noted a gorgeous, scathing article written on Square-Enix over at Kotaku awhile back that tore them to […]

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