Sony: Japan puts the SHUTDOWN on PSN’s return!

Per Joystiq

In a mildly surprising turn of events, the Japanese government has actually forced Sony to put the brakes on their revival of the PlayStation Network in their region citing that the required security measures were not taken in accordance with their wishes and its long awaited reactivation cannot be implemented until those issues have been resolved. According to the Dow Jones Newswire via notes that those issues are almost entirely the “skinny” on what Sony has to defend against the hacking hordes and more substantial details as to how this is a superior safeguard against hacking threats.

Likely, this will result in a substantial “tax” to get things back online… So Bribery ho, bitches! I don’t know really if Portal Even registers with a Japanese audience so I don’t know if the recent screw-up affects them directly outside of butchering the entirety of their ability to connect with… ANYTHING via Sony inluding Hulu, Netflix, Steam cross-platform or any other game-stuff. I feel bad for them, but hey at least they have Einhänder to play when/if they get the fucking thing back online.

So yeah, if the PSN going down forces pasty American nerds into the street with signs, then I shudder to think what the Japanese are doing with this shit going all awry and shit.

Anyhoo, I’m tired. I’ve got a few more points to ramble out today, but mein grammars are getting… difficult.

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2 Responses to Sony: Japan puts the SHUTDOWN on PSN’s return!

  1. Tekyu says:

    This seems typical when they get sued, they give away some free games. The PSP list is surprisingly disappointing, but 4 free games ain’t such a bad thing. It’s not good because the games are all first party crap, well… not CRAP per se, but they’re not the first choices I’d make. I might just pick two of ‘em and sell my tangible copies, provided there isn’t some DRM nonsense tied to it. We’ll see. If nothing else, it’s free games in addition to whatever we earn from the class action suit.

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