Chrono Trigger storming US Wiis May 16th, 2011, Squenix begging in street

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, per Joystiq, it seems that not only is Chrono Trigger finally coming as a downloadable title that our consoles can absorb through the very ether like magic, it’ll strike first at the American Wii Marketplace (and 2nd at PSN… maybe). However, unlike the dick move I mentioned before that Squenix pulled in marking up Chrono Trigger by another hundred Wii points, the original version (untainted by sweet extras, bitchin’ cinemas or enhanced visuals) of Chrono Trigger can be obtained for 800 Wii points like any other Super Nintendo title.

Um, that’s surprising. Perhaps the harsh criticism got to them? Their heart grew three sizes after that day? Nah. Probably just had a different response from the Nintendo of America Branch.

It’s still not too late though. Your options for the game that almost redefines awesome is available via other alternatives for the same price or perhaps a little extra, but altogether a small price to pay for a definitively worthwhile experience.

I’m not implying that having the original game would be a problem, I’m just saying why buy an intangible download when the same cash could be put towards a tangible disc or Nintendo DS card that has the same stuff, if not more.

ALSO, while there’s plenty of fuss to be made ANYTIME Chrono Trigger is brought up, there is the option impending to download it on the PlayStation Network whenever Sony gets their shit together. The PlayStation download will likely cost the same or possibly less than the Wii SNES version and it will be the enhanced PSone remake with cutscenes released as half of Final Fantasy Chronicles, a package that also included an enhanced Final Fantasy IV.

(Opening for Chrono Cross showing a highlight reel of the sexy CG cutscenes put to the unbelievably gorgeous music unique to the game. I came. Again. And Again.)

While frolicking amidst Chrono ecstasy I would be remiss without frothingly recommending its equally compelling (or rather FUCKING AMAZING) sequel for PSone, Chrono Cross: a game literally so good I plan to frame it with the strategy guide.

On a ranty side-note, it should be said that Square-Enix has done a piss-poor job to date on keeping this franchise afloat (aside from prolific re-releases) because they lost the original team behind first game and probably lost/fired the remainder who worked on Chrono Cross.

There’s been rumors flying for well over a decade as to sequels in the works and trademarks being set up, but Squaresoft post-Spirits Within has been to chickenshit to take the same chance they made with the original Final Fantasy game (it being a desperate gamble that saved the company and the silly title being a joke to employees and company creditors alike). Likewise, Square-Enix is too afraid to take the time or resources to develop something remotely on par from either company back in the heyday of PSone, as they have adopted a similar outlook on “Good sells better than Great” like Activision, but without the same polish to their titles. So if you DO jump on the Chrono Wagon (and I heartily recommend it), don’t hold out for a Chrono 3.

Particularly when Squenix’s losses recently have been “Extraordinary” per Joystiq due to the recent disaster trashing a lot of their physical plants, serious decline in sales, development setbacks holding back release dates for Eidos titles (Deus Ex, Hitman, Tomb Raider), development on their own big name titles (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, etc.) and yen sunk (potentially) into Tetsuya Nomura’s First Person Shooter and their recently cancelled Highlander & Gun Loco titles.

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