Sony VP Speaks 2 weeks into Crisis

What indeed, Spidey. What indeed.

Kaz Hirai has made a point to speak to the press about Sony’s jaw-dropping fuck up and their remarkable semi-indifference since. More importantly he, as the voice of Sony on this matter, has come forth to extend the intentions of the company in its attempt to “make good” on the mistakes thus far.

But first, we need to cover why this is such a big deal in light of Sony’s silence on the matter until about a week ago, when they confessed that almost everything had been hacked out of their system, but in their insistence that they weren’t certain about credit cards they made a bad situation worse with their baffling desire to push uncertainty as potentially good news.

In the recent crisis that has affected more than 77 million lives that entered their info to Sony’s Gaming Network, they have been pathetically, shamefully mute on the topic. Any action we received since the day of intrusions has only been a reaction and the only source of information with any regularity has been Sony’s blog, which is a piss poor shitbox of paltry information when PSN members kept in the dark see the wagons circle around Sony and government agencies taking action or at least making a lot of noise about it.

FBI, FTC and even Homeland Security are wading in to a massive shitstorm of potentially stolen identities, credit card information and potentially MUCH worse. Reports are coming in of an Australian victim of credit card and potentially identity theft as government agencies prep new and brutal legislation to make Sony the poster boy for corporate shame amidst disaster.

Sony has been tight lipped about every aspect of this case without bothering to open a dialogue with its massively diverse number of victims worldwide leaving us wondering what was going on or scrambling to fix what they had wrought. It’s not the poor security that was the problem, it wasn’t even their senseless antagonizing of hacker organizations; nor was it necessarily the mysterious downtime, but it WAS the slow time to react to the breach and the extra effort made to keep a lid on things when they dropped the bomb almost ten days into the fray that user info had been compromised. Too long, too late and too much time wasted while we sat on our hands for them to fix their fucking network, again.

Numbers are flying all over the place (300 million, 500 million, 24 billion, etc.), News pours in from governments all over and Sony has been letting this shit just sit there for wild speculation to occur, while they did nothing to address the shit as it happened. How their investors can keep themselves from going into wild murder frenzies is beyond me. All while dubious rumors loom regarding potential shifts by current customers unhappy enough with Sony’s failure to safeguard their info that they would pay to move onto Xbox Live.

So now Sony deploys Kaz Hirai, Sony VP, to field questions and state Sony’s intent to “make good” on the staggering number of people inconvenienced in a desperate attempt to win back consumer trust, faith and ultimately patience. Especially patience.

Go ahead, it's not like they can make it worse... right?!?!

Hirai says Sony will give the following to its otherwise scorned public:

–The Network’s Revival begins this week-ish(?)
–30 Days of FREE PlayStation Plus benefits
–FREE PSN content (no details as to what “content” means)
–Return of online gaming
–Return of PVP communication
–Store services will be restored once Sony deems it secure to operate

Sony’s ultimate response to the recent breach was to blame the hackers entirely, which is rather disconcerting seeing as the worst element of this whole issue isn’t simply the breach but instead Sony’ sluggish reaction to the whole event and their curtain of silence that certainly maintained the impression that Sony higher-ups wanted to cover their asses FIRST before they addressed the breach.

Sony’s inability to address that they fucked up is probably the worst part of this situation. All the colorful party favors and tastes of their Xbox Live knockoff don’t save their reputation outright, but accepting the responsibility for leaving their millions of subscribers high and dry after this network breach is the best thing they could have done and a lot of folks were counting on Hirai to deliver that relief in order to build the bridge of trust this company desperately needs. Admitting some fault was an important part of getting our trust back, but who cares. It sounds GREAT to blame hackers all the time if you’re an investor, but if you’re one of the 77 million scrambling to prepare for the worst then it sounds a lot like their deflection up to this point.

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