Penny-Arcade: Making light and money of your pain?

Your anguish only goes "KA-CHING"

Hey guys! Remember THIS comic? Penny-Arcade suspects you do because they have a shirt up for preorder for the low price of $17.99 and perhaps a bitten lip.

By lip, I mean YOURS (PS3 owners).

And by bite, I mean HARD.

I adore the PA guys. Met ‘em in person twice and the disappointment that they look NOTHING like their comic counterparts has haunted me ever since. Gah. In a weird way it made me respect them more because their online personas are so far from what they themselves appear to be that it almost makes them inherently funnier. Or maybe that’s just my twisty interpretation.

While I’m all for putting foot to ass to Sony for this phenomenal fuck up on their part, and while the gag is funnier than shit slapping the error message I’ve always been more familiar with than I’d like in place the the EVERYTHING that the system can’t do right now… I find myself asking this simple question: Is it too soon?

I mean, Banks are reporting phone banks being overrun since Sony sent out the notice a week too late. Those of you smart enough to only buy point cards are still vulnerable to identity theft. So as cute as the “outage” shirt is, think it’s maybe a little premature? Particularly since many of these victims won’t be buying shit for possibly over a week in anything but cash?

PA went from two nerds fighting to exist amidst the rampant chaos of online comics to becoming an anomaly in all of existence. It’s not just a comic, it’s the nerve center of an industry-affecting convention (or two now), a massive charity organization, the origin of the infamous fruit fucker, and ultimately a creature desperately rattling its cage to become something else with videos, merchandise and other stuff on its own. Hopefully a third game is in the works because the written word is funny, but their games were more entertaining overall experiences.

Unless they try doing Strawberry Shortcake stuff again. Heh.

Anyway, I find it amusing. I know they both have PS3s and thusly have the same dilemma a lot of us are enjoying at the moment. Additionally, they made a point to share some advice for the coming storm.

So why do I feel weird that they’re selling a shirt to cash in on both a fucking hilarious idea AND shit that will make potentially massive trouble for over 70 million people? Am I crazy? Am I silly? Is the timing bad? My gut reaction was immense displeasure at the shirt… and at the same time I kind of want one to wear as a source of damaged pride. It’s the kind of shirt that screams: “MY SPHINCTER IS COMPLETELY INTACT! I POOP HEALTHILY AND AM OTHERWISE NOT INCONVENIENCED BY THE DONUT I USE TO SIT DOWN!”

Unless of course, it’s bought out entirely by Xbox and Nintendo fanboys to compliment their collection of console-hating apparel. Given the 7-10 day wait a lot of us are in for, I don’t suspect as many PS3 owners will be the recipients of these shirts. That too, is actually kind of funny.

But then Sony pulls us back into the shit… So at least there’s some funny out there.

It's a DAM shame.

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