Sony: Mistakes have a price, this one measures $24 Billion(?!)

(Funny or Die shows the true sadness inflicted on society by Sony taking down the network.)

Sony posted a FAQ, so please take their advice and go FAQ yourselves. I mean, it only what, ten days late? Something like that. Maybe a week. It’s just number guys, it’s not like you have to keep your identities ALL THE TIME. Right?

Forbes did some math that Kotaku were too aghast not to share.

You read right. $24 BILLION, with a B!

Whoa. Like… WHOA. Even Hulu credit can’t soften a blow like this. It’s safe to say that not even a desperate attempt to mitigate a cross-platform attempt with Steam can help Sony now. They have a rough hike ahead of them, financially this is the kind of thing that ruins a company and with the losses hitting the global economy, to say nothing of the financial decline hurting Japan at large this leaves them with a massive spanking they can only even marginally process as it bowls over them like a freight train.

Sony’ll see it coming, but that boardroom better have some reinforced windows to prevent suicide is all I’m saying.

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