Sony: You are not safe, Change Passwords ASAP!

Well, thanks Sony.

Nine days into this debacle and it happens I was right: Sony was hiding the bad news. They sat on it trying to spin it in a way that didn’t sound like “You’ll probably be fucked to death by people who took your shit and we didn’t want to tell you because you might be upset by the news.”

As it happens, I am. I am VERY upset. Sony “recommends” you change your password as soon as the Network is online, they estimate about a week before that happens.

Kotaku has some of the alarming specifics about what to be aware of, but if this is the shit that Sony is finally letting out, then I can only worry that there’s worse on the horizon. This went from an inconvenience they dressed up as maintenance to
“I hope you weren’t planning to USE that credit card or mailing address.” Sony claims that the security code would not have been obtained by the hackers, but they also said this was JUST MAINTENANCE so my faith in their say-so is pretty much fucking non-existent.

Two additional things to add:

1) Re-building their Infrastructure, IE: building a new, secure network mostly from scratch. I’m getting tired of being right in this circumstance, but I fucking called it. They are building a new infrastructure from scratch, which is why this shit is taking so fucking long. It’s not like someone tripped over a cable, they’ve kept customer information behind tissue paper protection because they were too lazy/cheap to make a decent fucking network and now people who trusted Sony get to reap the rewards of that trust AND be inconvenienced as Sony builds a better network, mind you this isn’t a new interface (sadly), but a newer and more secure network to protect its customers. Supposedly.

2) Sony has a posse. Sorta. Sony says that they have hired a security firm to make them feel secure. What does that mean for any Sony customers victimized by the hackers? Nothing of value. Doesn’t mean shit. They’re going to track the hackers to their den, pore over what they did with the information they acquired and try to spin/hide Sony’s involvement as much as possible BEFORE shit really hits the fan. Remember Sony hired this unnamed firm to protect Sony interests, not to protect users in general otherwise these guys would have been on staff BEFORE there was a problem.

To wrap things up for this delightful news, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal is fuming over Sony dropping the ball and sitting on the warning to consumers that their information was compromised. He also lists some forceful suggestions as to how he believes Sony should cover the asses of people affected and all people potentially affected.

Note that Sony’s Blog lists resources to protect your credit in the meantime like acquiring credit reports and whatnot. First step though, guys. Start changing passwords ASAP and brace for some shit.

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