Sony: Pushing for Day 6, Shutdown in review

Kotaku raises the most terrifying aspect of this Sony-based strife to date. Is it safe?!?

Kotaku has been more diverse in their delivery of commentary than others. Ditto for news. A question on the lips of everyone with a PlayStation 3 has been whether or not their credit card information is safe and while debated surged amongst Sony loyalists on the blogs, Sony reps themselves came out and surrendered a meek shrug, saying they simply “don’t know.”

Just yesterday, it was noted that Sony folks are working day and night to restore order, but at the rate they’re going one has to wonder if they aren’t simply building a new network entirely or the problems they’ve uncovered from this intrusion are so bad, that they plan to sit on this as long as possible to cover tracks, hide bodies or draw straws to place blame. Similar to the “Global Lockdown glitch” last year, Sony is draping everything in utmost secrecy as they seem to hope for things to blow over, as though consumers aren’t going to remember this slight against them.

Oh, but they do make a point to lay POTENTIAL blame on Anonymous. Probably. Maybe. They’re not sure, but they might as well trot out a scapegoat to try and take the heat off of them, right? I mean, Sony’s shit has been utterly reliable all this time up until NOW, right? Oh… wait. No. I guess, it hasn’t.

Aside from knowing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ANYTHING regarding this issue, another topic frequently making the rounds is “How is Sony going to reward me for suffering through their unreliability?”

This being an issue Kotaku was kind enough to address: Don’t hold your breath for compensation. They speculate what Sony might be willing to part with to compensate for lost gameplay time and online media use (IE: the gift of DLC, Free games, and the likelihood of the PlayStation Plus program being offered to all who were inconvenienced.

Fast on the ball during a crisis, Kotaku also cobbled together a FAQ on the issues regarding Sony’s totally whack suppression of fun to ring in Portal 2 and the DESPERATELY important Steam add-on that bridges Steam players with PlayStation 3 players. It was a massive deal to potentially bridge the gap that Microsoft mostly gave up on after cross-platform disasters like Shadowrun, so to build up that tension since everyone waited to see how Sony fared where Microsoft fears to tread… Sony slammed their dick in a light socket so hard they killed their network leaving Sony users where they are now.

How much longer that stays the case, who knows. What will you lose with the supposed upgrade? Dunno. Is any financial information safe in their hands? They better have and answer soon. Each day of continued shrugging by Sony makes trusting them terribly awkward especially IF they get things up and running at all. Joystiq stumbled onto a convincing rumor that a firmware hack opened up the ability to add nigh unlimited funds to your PSN wallet turning it into a debug device of sorts allowing users who hacked their firmware to obtain games for free. It doesn’t explain a lot of what Sony is up to, but it probably had a significant stake in the horrors unleashed since April 20th, 2011.

In the meantime, I’m comforted by the fact that throughout this “crisis” I’ve had Bulletstorm’s Gears of War 3 Beta to amuse me with its cathartic violence. It figures though that when I actually HAVE things I had network-dependent wanted to play on the PS3, the network craps out.

I keep hoping Sony gets their shit together, but at this rate that seems like a lost cause. I can definitely guarantee a distinct decline in console commitment unless something truly profound happens like a new interface is released that borrows heavily on all of Xbox Live’s strengths or Sony takes a massively expensive risk to win back gamers. All I can say is, it pays to have options right now.

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